One Piece Chapter 1033


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Onigashima, in the middle of the fight between Zoro and King: Since Zoro’s new sword Enma has just activated, the swordsman now faces his uncontrollably escaping Haki. This, in turn, prevents him from concentrating on the duel with King when the “disaster” is also right in front of him for the next exchange of blows. That’s when Enma suddenly attacks the enemy on its own by taking possession of Zoro’s arm, which King responds to by causing a huge explosion….

Meanwhile, elsewhere Queen tells Sanji that his call to Zoro was futile, as he could never stand up to King. King is a surviving Lunaria, who were once worshipped as gods because they were incredibly powerful. When asked how such a powerful race could become extinct, the Cook receives no answer…

Back at Zoro’s place, he has survived the explosion and now tries to gain control over Enma with his technique “Shi Shishi Sonson” and finally land a hit on King, but even this powerful attack leaves him cold. Instead the “Forest Fire” counters again with his “Tenpura Udon”, which causes Zoro’s swords to fall off the cliff where the two opponents are at the moment. Immediately the Straw Hat Pirate rushes after his weapons, though King can’t understand why he would put himself in such danger just for a few swords. Arriving one floor below, Zoro is able to collect his swords with relief, remembering how he had once obtained them from Koushirou and Loguetown respectively. Furthermore, he remembers talking to Tenguyama Hitetsu, who told him that Enma was forged by a great swordsmith and samurai named Shimotsuki Kozaburo, who later fled Wano Country forbadly. This in turn reminded Zoro of an old man, Kuina’s grandfather, from his former homeland, who told him that swords, just like humans, had a will of their own, and that it was the job of swordsmen to shape that will to their liking by proving themselves worthy of the power of the sword in question. Furthermore, he revealed that he forged his masterpiece at a young age and named it after the ruler of the underworld, Enma. It is then that Zoro realizes that this old man must have been Kozaburo himself, and that his new sword Enma is now trying to test him to see if Zoro qualifies as its new owner. That’s when Zoro activates his King Shaki to deal with Enma’s power-sapping nature and finally turn the battle against King around. As he reveals to his opponent, he finally has to keep the promise to become the best swordsman in the world, since the future king of the pirates deserves no less…

Oda’s comment

One Piece in Love has been hilarious every week! Good luck to crazy writer Ihara-san and his new series!
Daiki Ihara is the mangaka of the One Piece spinoff One Piece in Love, and launched his new series “Protect Me, Shugomaru!” one issue earlier in Weekly Shōnen Jump..

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