One Piece Chapter 1032


Front cover request: “Black cats and Yamato make deliveries” by Kokoro Fukada.
The cover is a reference to Yamato Transportationa very well-known courier service in Japan. The company’s logo shows two black cats – a mother cat carrying her kitten in her mouth.


Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: Marco and Izou have heard about the ominous flame creature that is supposed to rage through the castle, so they immediately start searching for it…

Meanwhile, Yamato is still rushing towards the armory, closely followed by Fuga, a member of the Numbers. Then suddenly Brook and Nico Robin fall from the sky and land on the giant, having jumped down from a higher level fleeing CP0. These same agents, however, follow the Straw Hats on their heels, with Kanjuro’s flame monster again burning through the ceilings behind them. With the CP0 held at bay by the fire for now, the others eventually manage to continue their escape.

That’s when Scratchmen Apoo and X. Drake join the action, with one of the agents immediately launching an attack against the “Rumble of the Sea”, unceremoniously knocking the former Supernovae to the ground. As he then lashes out against the “Red Flag” as well, Apoo reveals that he is not yet defeated and delivers a hit to the agent using his devil powers. Thereupon, all four present throw themselves into the fight…

At the same time outside the castle, at Zoro and King: The swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates obviously has problems to hit the “Catastrophe” effectively, because it is permanently in the air. Because of this, he ends up using his technique “Kokujō: O Tatsu Maki”, which King is able to deflect without damage, but at least forces him to change back to his normal form. In this, he now starts a sword duel with Zoro, with the Straw Hat realizing that both the wings and the flames of the Beasts Pirates Pirate have nothing to do with his devil powers. Falling further and further behind, he thus realizes that he cannot win until he knows more about his opponent. Then Zoro suddenly hears the sound of a Shamisen from afar, which in turn activates his new sword Enma and thus releases Zoro’s Haki…

Meanwhile, elsewhere: The still-living Kurozumi Orochi has gone into hiding, terrified, as he, too, perceives the playing of the Shamisen, which doesn’t seem fitting for a theater of war. Peeking through a door behind which the sounds originate, he is shocked to see Komurasaki, who tells him that she wants to stay by his side forever…

Oda’s comment

The anime has now also reached 1000 episodes! Many thanks to Toei Animation! It’s incredible.

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