One Piece Chapter 1031


The Color Spread features the respective number 2 of their gang/organization: Zoro (Straw Hat Pirates), Bepo (Heart Pirates), Silvers Rayleigh (Roger Pirates), Benn Beckman (Red Hair Pirates), King (Beasts Pirates), Charlotte Katakuri (Big Mom Pirates), Killer (Kid Pirates), Marco (Whitebeard Pirates), Shiryu (Blackbeard Pirates), and Sabo (Revolutionaries). On the official Twitter channel, the creation process of Oda was posted.


Onigashima, in the battlefield of Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and Charlotte Linlin: Despite the devastating hits from Law’s and Kid’s awakened devil powers, Big Mom rises from the rubble, to the horror of everyone watching. Furious that the two former supernovae were actually able to inflict pain on her, she uses her devil powers to drain the souls of everyone around her, which in turn causes her to grow to outsized size….

Meanwhile, in the armory at X. Drake and Scratchmen Apoo: Apparently the former refused the offer of an alliance with the latter, whereupon a fight ensued. At this, the “Red Flag” claims to have seen through Apoo’s abilities, when suddenly Yamato bursts through the wall. Having turned her back on Kaidou, the Number Fuga immediately gives chase, but Apoo would rather win the Emperor’s daughter over to his side. When he, together with the Numbers Inbi and Zanki, therefore also wants to pursue her, however, he is once again confronted by X. Drake stands in his way to take up the fight again…

Meanwhile at Brook and Nico Robin’s: The CP0 has shown up to capture the archaeologist, which is why the two straw hats prefer to flee…

Simultaneously with Sanji: The Cook has meanwhile been caught up by Queen, who finally wants to see the achievements of Germa 66. This makes the straw-hatted pirate wonder if he might actually be of more help to the future Pirate King using his Raid Suit. When he finally does bring out the Germa tech, he has made his decision: To Queens’ shock, he summarily destroys the pod, preferring to face the “disaster” as himself. Before doing so, however, he contacts Zoro via Den-den Mushi to ask him to kill him should he no longer be himself at the end of this battle! After the swordsman agrees, Sanji uses his “Hell Memories” technique and delivers a powerful hit to Queen…!

Oda’s comment

I’ve never met him, but he feels like a companion to me. I know how hard it is to get to 100 volumes, Aoyama-san! Congratulations on 100 volumes of Conan!
This refers to Gosho Aoyama, mangaka of Case Closedwhose 100th volume was released in Japan on October 18, 2021.

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