One Piece Chapter 1030


Front page request, “Brook is careful not to step on a line of troop ants” by Ebi.


Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: X. Drake has just encountered Scratchmen Apoo, who in turn has three Numbers in tow. That’s when the “Rumble of the Sea” of the “Red Flag” offers an alliance…

Meanwhile at Nami and Usopp’s: While the group around O-Tama is fleeing from the flames, they suddenly meet Kinemon’s legs. They in turn report about a devastating event in the attic, which is why Usopp immediately sets off, while Nami and Co. are supposed to continue fleeing…

Meanwhile, in this very attic: As Kinemon discovered, Trafalgar Law apparently did not completely reassemble his body on Punk Hazard, which has now allowed him to survive Kaidou’s attack. O-Kiku also appears to still be alive, but is lying on the ground covered in blood and dying. It is then revealed that, furthermore, both Kurozumi Orochi and Kanjuro have not yet died, as Kinemon overhears a conversation between the two traitors. In it, the Shogun tells the severely wounded samurai to kill everyone in the castle with one final attack. Following this order, Kanjuro finally resorts to his technique “Kazenbo”, painting a huge, black, burning figure to Kinemon’s horror, which then starts to rampage through the castle…

Simultaneously outside the flying island: while Momonosuke tries to stabilize the slowly sinking rock masses with his still small clouds of flame, Yamato is still hurriedly on her way inside to the armory. As she does so, however, she encounters the battle between the Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law against Charlotte Linlin, the former having just been hurled through a wall by the Empress. As she’s about to finish off the former supernova, Law unceremoniously awakens his devil powers, allowing him to create a space where his sword can slide through Big Mom’s body without harming her. With his weapon inside her otherwise impenetrable body, he then uses his Shock Will attack to create an explosion inside Linlin’s body. This inflicts such damage on the Empress that even she begins to bleed! But before the enraged Linlin can counterattack, the Kid also reveals his awakened devilish powers by turning her into a magnet himself! With his technique “Punk Clash” he finally makes sure that the steel beams of the surrounding walls are torn out and crash around Big Mom…


  • The chapter title is a quote from The Tale of the Heikea classic of medieval Japanese literature. It is a warrior epic set in the late Heian period and covers the rise and fall of the Taira clan in the 13th and 14th centuries. The stories were first passed down orally through Biwa Hoshi’s (note: needs link) before being written down. Further information

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B’zMr. Children and Glay played a concert together! It was a dream come true! It was so cool!

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