One Piece Chapter 1029


Front page req: “Bonney hosts a soba-eating contest with some otters” by Arinko.


Onigashima, in the main hall of Kaidou’s castle: After Queen’s sword has simply broken on Sanji’s body, he fears in shock that he might now also turn into insensitive monsters like his brothers. Therefore he retreats for the time being, in order to think over his further proceeding, which in turn Queens subordinates use, in order to fire with their rifles at the Cook, but also the bullets simply bounce off him…

Meanwhile at Big Mom, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law: To the confusion of the “Surgeon of Death”, “the Captain” is suddenly plagued by immeasurable headaches, which render him almost incapable of fighting. Therefore, when the Empress wants to deliver a devastating sword blow to the former Supernova, Law intervenes with his “Counter Shock”, which actually makes Linlin go down. In return, however, he takes a powerful blast of fire from Prometheus, which buys Big Mom the time to rise again. She then finally attacks the Kid with the help of Napoleon and Hera, causing the pirate to despair about what is wrong with him…

Simultaneously with Killer and Basil Hawkins: It turns out that Kid’s problems are based on Hawkins inflicting pain on himself and transferring it to the captain. Killer, meanwhile, can do nothing to help his captain, when suddenly an idea seems to occur to him. Using his blades, he summarily cuts off Hawkins’ left arm, who can’t understand why this damage wasn’t passed on to his victim. Killer explains this by saying that the Kid no longer has a left arm! Killer then removes the voodoo doll from Hawkins’ severed arm, leaving him with no “lives” left. As a last stand, “the magician” creates his giant straw man, but it cannot withstand Killer’s blades in any way. After he has simply pierced Hawkins’ attack, Hawkins draws one of his cards to predict the outcome of the fight, but the Tower card reveals itself to his eyes, which stands for great change, an upheaval of the existing order, as well as the opening of a new path! Without further ado, the “Massacre Soldier” launches a mighty claw slash at Hawkins, ending the duel. This in turn brings the Kid back to his old strength and allows him to resume the fight against Charlotte Linlin…!

Oda’s comment

I underestimated the anime Uma Musume (note: needs link). He has so much respect for the horses. This long time horse racing fan is moved to tears!

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