One Piece Chapter 1028


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates: Usopp and Nami play a video game against each other, which is probably based on Super Smash “Bros”. The rest of the Straw Hats are seen as video game characters fighting each other. They embody: Luffy: Ken from “Street Fighter”, Zoro: Link from “The Legend of Zelda”, Sanji: an Inkling from “Splatoon”, Chopper: ???, Robin: Kazuya (in his devil form) from “Tekken”, Franky: Donkey Kong from “Donkey Kong”, Brook: ???, Jinbe: Mario from “Super Mario”. On the official Twitter channel, Oda’s creation process was posted.


Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: The CP0 has also learned that a second dragon has appeared, fighting for the Straw Hat Pirates. Therefore, the agents have contacted Rob Lucci, who reveals to them that it doesn’t matter who wins the battle, since the World Government has sent ships to annex Wano Country, which has been weakened after the fighting anyway! But no matter what the outcome, the most important thing is to capture Nico Robin…

Meanwhile, outside the flying island: while Momonosuke is desperately trying to create his own clouds of flame to support the increasingly unstable fortress, Yamato has gone back to search for the giant armouries to reduce the island’s explosive power…

Meanwhile, in the main hall, the battle between Sanji and Queen is in full swing, with the Cook finding that he can’t penetrate the Brachiosaurus’ thick skin with his attacks. The latter in turn wants the Straw Hat Pirate to use his Raid Suit, but the Vinsmoke son vehemently refuses. Therefore, “the Plague” unceremoniously presents him with what enhancements were made to him when he was turned into a cyborg, summarily severing his neck from the rest of his body, putting Sanji in a snake-like stranglehold. Furthermore, he reveals that there are rocket launchers in his legs, which automatically detonate as soon as he mentions them. However, having done just this thus, his torso immediately fires off, thus hitting Queen himself. This in turn allows Sanji to free himself from his opponent’s grasp, but he seems clearly battered by it. Suddenly, however, his bones straighten and he feels a strange sensation in his body. Queen attacks him from behind with his sword, which simply breaks on Sanji’s body. Horrified, the Cook fears that now also with him the abilities could have awakened, which his siblings already trained as children…


  • The cover is probably a nod to Super Smash Bros. The week the chapter was released, the final character (Sora from Kingdom Hearts) was revealed.
  • For the chapter title, Oda has taken the Japanese word for brachiosaurus (ブラキオサウルス, Burakiosaurusu) and merely swapped the katakana サ (sa) with the kanji for “snake” (jap. 蛇, Hebi). However, by reading ジャ, the kanji is read as yes. This neologism could most likely be translated as “brachioschlangus”.

Oda’s comment

Udon season is just around the corner! I’m going to buy a lot of beef tendons from a restaurant supplier and simmer them.

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