One Piece Chapter 1027


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Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: While Luffy and Kaidou continue to face off, Yamato sits up with Momonosuke so as not to disturb the Straw Hat captain in his duel. So as the two take to the skies, however, the Emperor’s daughter realizes that the Emperor’s powers seem to be dwindling as the clouds he created beneath the flying island weaken. This in turn threatens to send Onigashima crashing to the ground, which Momonosuke in turn is supposed to prevent by creating his own clouds of flame. However, when he doesn’t feel strong enough to do so, Yamato makes him realize that Onigashima is basically one giant bomb due to all the weapons and gunpowder. If it were to fall to the ground, the massive explosion would destroy the flower capital, even as it plummets down at its gates….

Meanwhile in the main hall: Zoro has damaged King’s mask with his last attack, which makes him rage because no one ever got to see his true appearance. Therefore, he hurls the swordsman in his beast-man form just now through a wall, whereupon he goes directly to his attack “Tankyudon”. This mighty flap of the Zoan user’s wings is countered by Zoro’s ultra-gari, but he is no match for the power of “Catastrophe”, instead being propelled by it through the castle’s main wall, over the edge of the island. Crashing to the ground, he then reveals his new technique “Clear Lance”, with which he creates a powerful shockwave in two-sword style, which in turn sends him back up. Now back at his opponent, he teaches him that he better use at least one blade to survive in this fight… Nevertheless King still seems to be confident of victory…

Oda’s comment

The taste of the endomame crackers I had at a certain store is unforgettable, so I ate a lot of endomame snacks.
Endomame crackers are crackers consisting of pea powder.

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