One Piece Chapter 1026


Front page request: “Nami and Leo design cute fashionable clothes for a young lion mink” by Ebi.
The design of the T-shirt is identical to the design in Chapter 77 that Bell-mère makes for Nami.


Wano Country, the flower capital: the fire festival is in full swing and Tenguyama Hitetsu and O-Toko are still present, with the former worrying about his protégé O-Tama…

Meanwhile, on Onigashima, Bao Huang has joined the clash between Kaidou, Yamato, Luffy, and Momonosuke, and now informs the entire island via loudspeaker of the appearance of a second dragon, as well as the survival of the Straw Hat Captain. After the Emperor uses his “Boro Breath” against the challengers, which the Kozuki heir can only narrowly avoid, Luffy takes to the skies and gives Kaidou a powerful Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. Momonosuke then takes action as well, biting his rival in the torso at Luffy’s command. As he cries out in pain, the rubber boy takes the opportunity to tell Momonosuke that now that he has bitten one of the Four Emperors, he has nothing to fear!

As he then delivers another blow to Kaidou, storm clouds suddenly gather over the castle, obscuring the full moon. Elsewhere, this forces Inuarashi and Nekomamushi to abandon their Su Long forms, which in turn puts them at a disadvantage in the fight against their respective opponents, Jack and Charlotte Perospero….

Back on the roof, Luffy assures Kaidou that he will defeat him at any cost, whereupon the two opponents clash their haki-enhanced blows. The latter’s power even causes the cloudy sky to rip open, allowing the Minks’ rulers to perform another transformation. Enraged, they deal two devastating blows to their enemies, whereupon it is heard throughout Onigashima that even Jack the Drought, one of the disasters of the Beasts Pirates, and Charlotte Perospero, the first son of the Big Mom family, have now been struck! While Kaidou’s men are horrified and Luffy’s followers cheer, Kurozumi Orochi is also watching from a hiding place…


  • The chapter title refers to the eponymous mountain Tennouzan (note: needs link) in Japan, Kyoto. The mountain was a site of strategic importance in Japanese history due to its location in several battles, as conquering the mountain was crucial to victory. As a result, the name Tennouzan has been adopted as a metaphor in Japan in games and sports with many turns, such as shogi.

Oda’s comment

Thank you so much for the support and kind words on my 100th tape! I will work even harder!

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