One Piece Chapter 1025


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Onigashima, outside Kaidou’s castle: After the now-grown Momonosuke turns into a dragon, Luffy wants to fly to the roof with him, but the Kozuki heir is too scared to…

Meanwhile, at their destination, the battle between Kaidou and Yamato continues to rage. The two have just clashed with both of their techniques “Raimei Hakke”, but they were able to survive it effortlessly. When the emperor throws at his daughter that she would never be recognized as a samurai by the population, because everybody had always been afraid of her as his daughter, she attacks her father with a mighty club blow called “Himorogiri”. Enraged by this, he in turn counters with a similar one, whereupon he wants to finally give his opponent the rest…

At this moment, Momonosuke finally manages to rise into the air, but he has his eyes closed in fear. Therefore, he first races through the walls of the entire castle with Luffy on his back, until the two finally reach the roof. There, the Straw Hat Captain immediately catches sight of the fighters, whereupon he transforms into his “Snakeman”. As Yamato is about to perform her technique “Shinsoku Hakujaku”, Luffy jumps off Momonosuke and performs his Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin. Together, the comrades-in-arms land a powerful hit on the Emperor, knocking him to the ground. While Yamato is happy that Luffy has returned as she predicted, Kaidou can’t understand why the Straw Hat is still alive and where this second dragon came from. Therefore, he too transforms into his dragon form, in which he now faces all three opponents. That’s when Luffy and Momonosuke introduce themselves to him again, as the ones who will be King of the Pirates, as well as Shogun of Wano Country…!


  • The chapter title is a reference to the ceiling painting of the same name by Junsaku Koizumi (note: needs link), which can be admired in the Kennin-ji (Kyoto). In One Piece Magazine Vol. 6, there is a picture of Oda visiting the Kennin Temple in 2017 and looking at that very ceiling painting. (show / hidepicture )

Oda’s comment

Thank you so much for Vivi’s adventure, Komi-san! The girls were so cute! I was overwhelmed.
Oda is talking about the One Piece Cover Comic Project, where Naoshi Komi (note: needs link), mangaka of Nisekoi, traced chapters 215 and 216 in his drawing style. The chapter appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump on August 30, 2021.

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