One Piece Chapter 1024


Section 2 of the three-part Color Spread, featuring the top 50 characters in the worldwide character popularity poll.


Onigashima, inside the castle: Due to Big Mom’s fight, some of Kaidou’s men succumb to the Empress’ King Haki. Usopp, however, claims to his enemies that it’s his haki in order to get those very men on his side. Meanwhile, Nami talks to Franky via Den-den Mushi, but he has no new information about Luffy either. Instead, he’s just trying to prevent dozens of 100-beast pirates from storming the main hall and thus Zoro and Sanji’s fight. Then Brook and Nico Robin come forward as well, who have to flee from a big fire that has broken out. In the meantime Jinbe has noticed this as well, who at the same time wonders who Kaidou is being held up by. At least he can see that the Alliance seems to have taken control of the castle up to the main hall…

Simultaneously on the rooftop: the battle between Kaidou and Yamato is in full swing just as their powerful weapons clash devastatingly. That’s when Yamato remembers how her father tried to kill her before:

20 Years Ago: Yamato has begun to think of herself as Kozuki Oden, for which her father locks her in a cave with some rebellious samurai. At this, he only leaves the imprisoned a bowl of rice as well as a few swords so they can “settle” who gets the food. Yamato is now certain that the samurai will kill her for being Kaidou’s daughter, but to her amazement, they willingly let the little girl have the food instead, saying she is innocent of the family she was born into. In tears, she thanks them for protecting her and promises to grow stronger so she can one day fight for Wano Country’s freedom. She takes this opportunity to ask the samurai to help her read Oden’s log, which fascinates the warriors. Ten days later they finally tell the girl about the prophecy, according to which the war for liberation will start in 20 years. Until then, however, they can no longer wait, but instead do their part by saving Yamato so that she can lead the fight in 20 years…

Back in the present, Yamato is raging with anger that so many had to die before today could finally be reached. That’s when both opponents resort to their technique “Raimei Hakke”, whereupon their haki-enhanced weapons clash once more under black lightning….

Oda’s comment

Volume 100 has been released in Japan! Enjoy the volume and all the special celebrations we have planned for the occasion!

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