One Piece Chapter 1022


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Onigashima: The initially enormous numerical imbalance between the forces of the alliance around the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beasts Pirates has shrunk to such an extreme that all members of the “Flying Six”, the strongest members under Emperor Kaidou after the “Disasters”, have now been defeated. Moreover, it still takes about 15 minutes for the floating island to reach the flower capital of Wano Country, but Luffy has eaten his fill in the meantime and thus regained his strength…

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Raizo and Fukurokuju face off, with the ninja accusing the Orochi secret agent of betraying his people to Kurozumi Orochi. Therefore, he attacks his opponent with his technique “Ninpo: Bunshin No Jutsu”, but the shogun’s subordinate in turn counters with his attack “Ninpo: Earlobe Crackers”, which painfully knocks the Akazaya to the ground. To the following reasoning of Fukurokuju, that he has to serve the real Shogun, whereas Raizo is dedicated to a ghost, he replies that he and his comrades-in-arms do not act out of a simple sense of duty, but out of a deep, emotional bond, which will end in Momonosuke taking his rightful place…

Meanwhile, elsewhere at Killer and Basil Hawkins: Vice Eustass Kid has already taken a toll on “the magician”, so he’s gradually running out of victims to transfer his injuries to with his devilish powers. After Killer’s next attack, however, Hawkins reveals that he has now targeted Kid’s captain, so that any damage Killer causes will be transferred to Eustass…

At the same time in the main hall: After Sanji has taken on the fight against Queen, King has also joined the action, as Marco seems to have reached the end of his strength and therefore no longer knows how to counter the “catastrophe”. Even before the Minks’ miracle cure works on Zoro, the “forest fire” now wants to take out the swordsman so that he can no longer pose a threat to them. At the same time, Charlotte Perospero has also risen up again to take revenge on Sanji for his defeat, but before he can fire an arrow at the Cook, Nekomamushi suddenly appears and delivers a heavy blow to the Charlotte son, thus taking revenge for Pedro. However, King has at that moment confronted Chopper, who in turn has Zoro with him, but when he attacks the latter with his technique “Andon”, Marco surprisingly rises one last time and blocks the 100-beast pirate’s blaze. In his opinion, it is finally time for the “stars” to enter the stage, when Zoro, who has gained new powers, frees himself from his bandage. He decisively uses his technique “Rengoku Oni Giri”, whereby Sanji additionally supports him with his Diable Jambe: Mouton Shot. Together, they thus deliver two powerful hits to both King and Queen, which leave all onlookers frozen in shock. According to Zoro, Luffy’s goal of becoming King of the Pirates is finally in sight, should she win this fight…

Oda’s comment

One of my co-workers gets really emotional when he’s playing sports. Seeing people doing their best really energizes you, doesn’t it?

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