One Piece Chapter 1020


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Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: Yamato still faces her father in battle. He is angry that she once ate the powerful cryptid zoan, which he was able to take possession of. This is exactly the dog-fruit, model: Japanese wolfwhich makes the owner the protector of Wano Country. Therefore, it should finally take its place as Kaidou intended, but Yamato prefers to save her homeland from the Emperor’s tyranny instead. Therefore, finally Kaidou’s “Boro Breath” as well as Yamato’s mighty ice-odem “Namuji Hyoga” clash explosively…

Meanwhile at Nico Robin and Brook: To the archaeologist’s astonishment Nico Olvia, Kleeblatt and Jaguar D. Saul suddenly stand opposite her. Brook has already realized the reason for this, but before he can intervene in the action, Robin reveals that she is not so easily fooled either. As she realizes, the three are illusions, which is why she resorts to her “Tres Mano, Freesia” attack, which causes three oversized hands to rise from the ground and devastate her opponent. As suspected, these were three of Black Maria’s subordinates. Therefore, the Zoan user now intervenes herself and attacks the Straw Hats with her Wanyudo (note: needs link). Brook realizes that in the middle of the weapon is a Smile user who controls the flame wheel. Therefore, he unceremoniously uses his technique “Cold Soul” to freeze Wanyudo, thus knocking him out. Enraged by this act, Black Maria begins to rant about Sanji, who felt the need to call Nico Robin to his aid, even though he currently has the second highest bounty of his gang. To this, the Straw Hat Pirate only retorts that Maria will never understand how much it means to her that Sanji trusts her and that he will be one of the wings that will allow the future King of Pirates to ascend! Finally, Robin launches into her “Gigante Fleur” attack, which causes a magnified image of herself to form behind her….

Meanwhile, at Luffy and the Heart Pirates: The Straw Hat Captain has awakened again, but is still weakened because Trafalgar Law’s subordinates can’t get him enough food. Caribou is also watching all this from a safe distance. That’s when Momonosuke and Shinobu arrive, having successfully escaped from Kaidou. When the Kozuki heir wants to tell Luffy about the death of his protectors, the latter interrupts the boy, saying that it is not yet time to mourn. Instead, he says, he must now transform into his dragon form and fly him back to Onigashima! This time he will not lose…

Oda’s comment

I laughed so hard and was overcome with emotion watching Ashita no Tarinai Futari. I respect these two comedians so much.

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