One Piece Chapter 1019

Color spread of straw hats riding some whale sharks in swimwear. On the official Twitter channel posted Oda’s process of creating the color pages.


Onigashima, in the main hall: While Queen keeps firing laser beams at Sanji, Miyagi tries to administer his miracle medicine to the completely bandaged Zoro…

At the same moment, the Heart pirate gang on their submarine has finally managed to reanimate Luffy, who immediately cries out for meat….

Meanwhile, elsewhere inside the castle at Franky and Sasaki’s: With the Headliners under O-Tama’s control keeping Sasaki’s subordinates at bay, Franky can finally concentrate fully on his duel. That’s when the Zoan user unceremoniously switches to his animal-human form, revealing to the cyborg that he can rotate his neck shield in that very form. This in turn gives him the ability to fly, and he also immediately attacks Franky from the air with his sword. As the straw hat resists with all his strength, Sasaki uses his attack “Tamaceratops”, in which he hurls himself into his opponent with rotating shield.

Franky, however, is able to use the momentum of his attacker for himself and therefore counters with his technique “General Suplex”. He then wants to finish off the dinosaur that has been rammed into the ground with his Victory V Flash, but the dinosaur shows that he is not yet defeated, but rises into the air again. In the following exchange of blows, Fran’s sword finally breaks, which is why Franky wants to put all his energy into a final attack. When Sasaki shoots at him again, he fires his powerful General Cannon, which hits the opponent, but can’t take him out either. Sasaki wants to take advantage of Franky’s shock to swoop down on the cyborg from a great height with his “Magnumceratops”. The cyborg makes no attempt to dodge, instead allowing Sasaki to approach and fire his Radical Beam at the dinosaur’s unprotected belly at the last moment. This blow sends Sasaki crashing to the ground….

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Yamato and Kaidou are still engaged in a heated exchange when the Emperor remarks that he once had to go to great lengths to obtain the Devil Fruit, which his daughter simply ate as a child. To this, Yamato counters that she only had to eat it because she was neglected and hungry. Moreover, it was a shock for her not to be able to swim anymore, although she had wanted to go to sea one day. Now she was still in Wano Country, not because of her father’s shackles, but because she could never truly call herself an Oden if she simply abandoned her homeland. As it turns out, Yamato has since taken on her beast-human form of an unknown devil force….

Oda’s comment

The Universal Studios Japan Premiere Show is back after a year hiatus! The team is really psyched this year! Please check it out!

This refers to the One Piece Premier Show, which had to take a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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