One Piece Chapter 1018


Front Page Request: “Page One tries to read a dinosaur book as a child while Ulti interrupts him so he can play with her and her dinosaur stuffed animals” (adult version) by Honey Nameko


Onigashima, in the main hall of the castle: While the Gifters and Headliners, who are under O-Tama’s control, continue to rage against their own comrades-in-arms, Tama himself, as well as Nami and Usopp, make their way to safety on Speed’s back.

The new circumstances have not gone unnoticed by the CP0, which therefore recalculates the distribution of forces. Thus it would now stand only 16,000 against 9,000! Nevertheless, the agents are not worried, because the outcome of the battle has no direct effect on the world government. Only the death of one fighter had to be ensured, and he was facing the former Samurai of the Seas Jinbe…

Meanwhile, at the very fight of the fish man against Who’s Who of the Flying Six: The Zoan user has just revealed that the gum-gum fruit was once stolen from him by the red-haired pirate gang, which is why he now hates everyone involved in this matter, including Monkey D. Luffy, who was to eat the lost fruit a little later. Furious, Who’s Who hurls more of his “fang guns” at Jinbe, but Jinbe successfully dodges the attacks again and again. Who’s Who then tries to inflict a devastating bite on his opponent with his technique “Fang Cavalry Flash”, but this plan is also stopped by the fish man, who is able to stop his opponent with his armor haki. Instead, Jinbe now takes the initiative and hurls Who’s Who painfully to the ground with a technique of his Fish Man Jujutsu. In response, the Beasts Pirates Pirate launches a storm of haki-enhanced finger pistols, which in turn crash into Jinbe’s hardened body. During the exchange of blows, Who’s Who asks Jinbe if he also heard of the legend of the “Sun God Nika” during his time in the Impel Down. At the time, this story of a supposed savior of all prisoners and slaves gave him courage to one day leave the prison alive. From Jinbe, in turn, he now hopes to learn more about this legend, since the history of the fish people is synonymous with the history of slavery. Offended by this discrimination, Jinbe unceremoniously strengthens the haki encasing his body to the point that Who’s Whos fingers break. He then grabs the Ancient Zoan user and delivers a devastating punch to his face! Under the shocked looks of his subordinates, Who’s Who finally goes down….

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I’m currently doing a promotion to thank everyone. Thank you for letting me be in Jump and thank you for reading the manga.

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