One Piece Chapter 1016


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Wano Country: While the populace continues to celebrate cluelessly, the flying island of Onigashima moves steadily toward the flower capital….

There again, Bao Huang has gone to CP0 to report that 5,000 fighters have already been taken out. The front lines would therefore now be 24,000 against 3,000. However, one of the agents corrects her, as Queen’s men had turned on him. So instead it would be 20,000 against 7,000. That the imbalance would shift in favor of the Straw Hat Pirates, he considers extremely remarkable…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, with Nami, Usopp and O-Tama: The navigator has just noticed that her climate stick can suddenly talk to her. At this moment, it reveals itself as Zeus, who was able to release his soul shortly before his death and transfer it to the climate clock. Now he only wants to serve Nami to thank her for her help. By chance the four reach Bao Huang, who is about to announce that Momonosuke has died. But before the Straw Hats can stop this, Ulti suddenly appears on the scene, who has apparently been able to pick herself up after Big Mom’s punch, and headbutts Usopp hard. As she then reaches for O-Tama, Nami wants to protect her new friend and therefore attacks the Zoan user with her staff, which surprisingly turns into a morning star and painfully hits Ulti. This in turn was the fault of Zeus, who has taken control of the form of Nami’s weapon. After Usopp was finally able to free O-Tama using his Green Star: Sargasso technique, Nami launches her Ninpo: Raitei attack, which misses Ulti, however. However, when the member of the “Flying Six” tries to counterattack, Nami’s attack suddenly changes direction and takes Ulti out for good. The fact that Zeus was also responsible for this shocks Bao Huang so much that she accidentally announces throughout the castle that two of the “Flying Six” have now already been taken out. In turn, O-Tama takes the floor…

At the same time outside the castle: Yamato has placed Kaidou to protect Momonosuke. Now she wants to make sure that the tyrant disappears from Wano Country forever. But he doesn’t see any chance for his daughter to win a fight against him, to which she replies that that’s not her goal at all. Luffy, she says, is the one Kozuki Oden was waiting for to save his home; she, on the other hand, just wants to hold Kaidou off until the Straw Hat captain returns! Eventually, the weapons of the two adversaries clash devastatingly…

Oda’s comment

The little figurines that are being designed behind the scenes are great! What kind of technology is that?!

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