One Piece Chapter 1015


Front page request: “Senor Pink is mistaken for a baby by a stork” by Toshikiya.


Onigashima, in the main hall of Kaidou’s castle: the participants in the battle have just learned that Luffy has been defeated by Kaidou. Shocked by this news, many members of the Alliance seem to lose their hope of victory as Charlotte Perospero seizes the opportunity to take them all out with a massive barrage of arrows. At the same time, Queen attacks Chopper to put an end to him as well, when all of a sudden Sanji appears on the scene and delivers a hard hit to Queen using his Diable Jambe: Rotisserie Strike technique. This in turn first spins the dinosaur around so that it deflects all of Perospero’s arrows, after which it in turn lands directly on the Charlotte family’s son. Sanji then hands the still-recovering Zoro over to Chopper’s care – Instead, he now wants to take the fight to Queen! The not dwindling morale of the Straw Hats despite the news of Luffy’s defeat seems to rekindle the courage of the fighting comrades-in-arms…

Meanwhile at Kaidou’s: Kinemon has been devastated by the Emperor’s mace blow and now lies badly wounded in front of the Emperor. In order to buy Momonosuke more time to escape, he nevertheless rises again, whereupon Kaidou pierces him with a sword!

Meanwhile, the fleeing Momonosuke has taken one of the Marys with him and now addresses all the combatants. He reveals that he can still hear Luffy, which means that he must at least still be alive. Furthermore, the straw hat has promised him that he will defeat Kaidou; therefore, he implores all fighters to continue fighting and to trust in their savior, who will return soon!

Then the heir of the Kozuki family is caught up by Kaidou, so Shinobu decides to use her devil powers to create a big hole and escape from the castle…

At the same time in the open sea: The Heart pirate gang has encountered Luffy in their submarine and is now hurriedly trying to save their comrade-in-arms…

Their captain Trafalgar Law, on the other hand, has finally reached the scene of Charlotte Linlin and the Eustass Kid’s clash, where he now plans to take on the Empress together….

Back at Kaidou’s place, his pursuit is finally interrupted by Yamato, who wants to finally free herself from the chains of her hated family…!


  • The kanji 縁 in the chapter title actually means “connection/bond”, but the Furigana reading is Kusari (くさり), which means “chains”.

Oda’s comment

By the publication date of this issue, I should already have plenty of Shiny Kaumalats thanks to Community Day!
It’s all about Pokémon Go and Community Day.

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