One Piece Chapter 1014


Front cover request: “Law fiddles over a puzzle in front of a screen with a tiger painted on it” by Takashi.
The cover is a reference to the Japanese folk tale of Ikkyu-san. Ikkyu-san was a Buddhist monk who was said to have a great mind. A nobleman wanted to test him and Ikkyu-san was told to solve a riddle. He was tasked with tying up a tiger with a rope that was painted on a Byōbu. This was supposed to cause chaos at night because it came out of the painting. Ikkyu-san saw through this and told him to lure the tiger out of the picture so that he could tie it up. The noble forgot his trick and said that he could not lure the tiger out since it was only a picture after all. Ikkyu-san replied that this solved the problem, since there was thus no danger from the tiger, and not even Ikkyu-san could catch a tiger that didn’t really exist.
Fittingly, Law’s Japanese name Torafarugā carries the Japanese word for “tiger,” Tora.


Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: While Luffy falls from the island seemingly defeated, Kaidou acknowledges his new strength, but he obviously wasn’t called to be the new Joy Boy either… Instead, Bao Huang should now inform the entire island of the Straw Hat captain’s defeat…

Meanwhile, inside the castle: While Yamato is still fighting his way through the troops of the Beasts Pirates, Momonosuke continues reading his father’s notes. As he does so, he realizes that he really shouldn’t allow himself to die. Suddenly, however, a voice in his head, inaudible to Shinobu, seems to torment him….

Simultaneously in the main hall: Chopper has transformed into his monster form to help Marco fight Queen. In the process, he has just grabbed the dinosaur and slammed him into a wall. However, Charlotte Perospero has also noticed the exhaustion of the former commander of the 1st Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, which is why he has now joined the battle as well. He has already shot dozens of arrows at Chopper, which have severely damaged him. As the reindeer remembers, he was able to increase the duration of his transformation to 30 minutes with the help of Caesar Clown. Nevertheless, he now also notices how his strength is dwindling…

Then Bao Huang’s voice begins to resound throughout the castle: as she announces, Straw Hat Luffy has lost the battle against Kaidou and has fallen into the open sea. The emperor is now on his way to the battlefield and will pardon all those who surrender and swear loyalty to him…

This announcement is also heard by Momonosuke and Shinobu, who are joined by Kinemon and Kikunojo. The announcement comes from a Mary in frog form, which at the same time seems to be the one causing Momonosuke such trouble. Before the samurai can do anything about it, however, Kozuki Oden suddenly appears on the scene, which Kinemon and O-Kiku of course immediately unmask as Kanjuro. Furious about him using his shameless trick even in the presence of Momonosuke, Kiku immediately rushes towards him to murder him for good, but she ultimately fails to do so in the face of her former lord, instead being run through by him with his sword! While she sinks to the ground dying, Kinemon attacks his former friend again and brings him down with a well-aimed sword blow. On top of all that, Kaidou breaks through the ceiling with a thunderous noise to finally destroy the last heir of the Kozuki family, but Kinemon bravely confronts him. Under the crying cries of Momonosuke he is finally hit hard by the club of the emperor…

Meanwhile, the flying island has reached the coast of Wano Country….


  • The chapter title is a reference to the French song “Le Cabotin” by Charles Aznavour. This was covered by Japanese singer Akihiro Miwa with the name “Jinsei No Daikon Yakusha” (人生の大根役者), which exactly matches the Japanese chapter title.

Oda’s comment

I went to the Gyomu Super of my dreams and bought and ate the giant coffee jelly!
See comment on the last chapter

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