One Piece Chapter 1013


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Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: Nami has just taken down Ulti with her climatic clock stick, but she is just getting back up. Now the Zoan user is face to face with the Navigator and Charlotte Linlin herself, but still doesn’t back down as she is determined to get revenge for Page One. Therefore, Nami summarily attacks her opponent with her “Tornado Tempo”, but Ulti simply breaks through the attack and grabs the Straw Hat Pirate by both arms to finish her off with a devastating headbutt. However, that’s when Big Mom, who is still raging with rage over the blow to O-Tama, suddenly intervenes again and launches a combo attack of her three homies. Eventually, this creates the powerful “Maser Cannon”, which devastatingly hits and ultimately defeats Ulti!

While Usopp and Nami want to use the chance to escape with O-Tama in tow, Zeus also joins the action, who wants to apologize to Big Mom for his failure. However, she has no more use for the living cloud, and so Hera has swallowed it without further ado so that it can become even stronger. The Empress then turns back to the three fugitives and attacks them with her sword, when the blow is suddenly stopped by a giant metal arm: Eustass Kid has finally achieved his goal and now powerfully rams Big Mom to the ground with his technique “Punk Gibson”. All spectators are shocked by the hit, but the Empress immediately gets up again unharmed. Nevertheless, the Kid now wants to take over the fight…

Meanwhile, on the rooftop: Kaidou speaks to himself as he respectfully points out Luffy’s new abilities, but at the same time he is annoyed, as he should have kept the Straw Hat Captain’s head as a trophy. After all, as long as he couldn’t prove its defeat unequivocally, his comrades-in-arms’ faith in him would never disappear…. Luffy, in turn, falls off the island, unconscious, at that moment….


Oda’s comment

My current dream is to go to this Gyomu Super and buy and eat the giant jelly.
Gyomu Super is a supermarket chain in Japan that has many foreign products.

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