One Piece Chapter 1012


Front page request: “Kid is so busy creating a bird out of scrap metal that he doesn’t realize birds have nested in his hair” by Atsuki


Onigashima, Kaidou’s Castle: The six remaining Akazaya are still searching for Momonosuke when Kinemon decides to continue on his own so that the others can help their comrades-in-arms in battle. Only Kikunojo asks to still be allowed to accompany him, in order to get a second chance to execute Kanjuro. After the samurai split up, Shishilian and Bariete suddenly join the action, telling Nekomamushi that Pedro’s assassin is also on the island and that he was able to take out Wanda and Carrot in front of the castle. Hearing about this, the cat-mink immediately sets off…

Meanwhile at Momonosuke’s: Yamato wants to flee alone to distract her pursuers, while Shinobu hides and protects the Kozuki heir. The latter reveals that he can only sense two voices on the roof, so Kaidou’s daughter hurriedly continues on her way. After Yamato disappears, Momonosuke finally begins to leaf through his father’s notes…

Meanwhile elsewhere, Sanji’s search for Momonosuke has run into Trafalgar Law and the badly wounded Zoro, with the “Surgeon of Death” having left the swordsman in the Cook’s care to turn his own attention to Charlotte Linlin instead. Because of this, Sanji is now carrying the fully bandaged Zoro across the battlefield when he encounters Kawamatsu and Izou. With Kinemon already taking care of Momonosuke, they all now want to join forces to support the fight in the main hall….

At the same time at Nami and Usopp’s: Big Mom has just defeated Page One with only one blow, for which Ulti immediately wants to take revenge. The Straw Hats want to take advantage of this to escape, but Ulti jumps at them in a flash, giving Komachiyo a devastating hit. As O-Tama then bursts into tears next to her injured friend, Ulti gives her a punch as well, making Big Mom even angrier. Before the Empress can even lash out in counter-attack, however, Nami electrocutes the Zoan user mightily in a furious rage. Angry that Ulti has raised her hand against a child, she would rather bring the fight to an end herself…

Oda’s comment

I listen to Street Interview Gairoku while I work. It’s so interesting to hear about all the different people’s lives.
“Street Interview Gairoku” is a program on NHK that interviews ordinary people on the street who then talk about their lives. YouTube Channel

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