One Piece Chapter 1011


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates eating ice cream. On the official Twitter channel the creation process was uploaded.


Onigashima, at the edge of the castle roof: Eustass Kid and Killer look into the distance, when they are shocked to discover that Charlotte Linlin has created a new homie out of pure lightning, which now transports them straight back to the flying island. By means of her attack “Fulgora” she now wants to take revenge on the two former supernovae, whereby the power of the attack transports them back inside the castle…

This in turn causes Kid’s influence with Luffy and co. to wane, allowing Zeus to free himself from his metal box. As he immediately goes in search of Big Mom, Trafalgar Law also realizes that the Empress must be back. In order to support the others and at the same time get the severely injured Zoro out of the danger zone, he teleports himself and the swordsman off the battlefield without further ado. Only Luffy and Kaidou remain behind, the latter having just righted himself. Grinning at the risky fight, the two’s haki-enhanced blows finally collide….

Meanwhile, inside: The Kid and Killer immediately want to go back in search of Linlin, but Basil Hawkins suddenly gets in their way. In order to let his captain continue to pass, however, Killer wants to take on the traitor alone…

Meanwhile elsewhere: Nami, Usopp, and O-Tama are still on Komachiyo’s back fleeing from Page One and Ulti, with the gunman trying his hardest to keep the Ancient Zoan user away. Though he lands several hits in the process using his Pop Greens, the member of the “Flying Six” just won’t seem to give in. Suddenly, Big Mom gets into the action, causing Usopp and Nami to scream in horror; not so O-Tama, who happily welcomes the old acquaintance. To the Straw Hats’ amazement, Linlin also seems perfectly friendly to the girl, which Prometheus explains by saying that she falls into her “mother mode” towards small children. Thanking her for the delicious meal at the time of her memory loss, however, the Empress now has to learn that Okobore has been completely destroyed by Kaidou’s forces. That’s when Page One has finally managed to catch up to his enemies, as Big Mom, furious with rage, raises her fist and devastatingly rams the dinosaur-man to the ground. All of this has to be watched helplessly by Ulti, among others….

Oda’s comment

It’s so idyllic to watch comedian Kojima-san’s YouTube channel with my family. This person is really peaceful!

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