One Piece Chapter 101


Koby’s Journal, Part 16: Cannon Stop.
Koby continues to stand in front of a cannon with weapons. The barrel of the guns has been cut off. The cannon is smashed by Admiral Garp with his bare fist. The marines are startled, Koby also pulls a long, sweaty face.


The Straw Hat Pirates continues to make its way to the Grand Line.

Luffy hangs upside down from the figurehead and yells to Nami that the lighthouse light is out. This is supposed to show the way to the lighthouse, but Nami has memorized the way so they don’t need the tower’s help anymore.

The whole crew is sitting in the kitchen and Nami tells them something about the entrance to the Grand Line. She explains that it is a mountain, to which the other four look very surprised. She goes on to say that the nautical chart can’t really be trusted and the lighthouse would also point right at Reverse Mountain. The others question the assumption and the navigator points her finger at the map, explaining that there is a channel up the mountain there and they need to navigate it. Usopp is skeptical again, saying that it’s not possible. Sanji sticks up for Nami right after and trusts her. Zoro asks why they don’t just head south, that way they’d get to the Grand Line too. For Luffy, of course, this is out of the question and Nami agrees with him. He says what else is that entrance for and receives a smack upside the head from Nami for that comment. Usopp looks out the window and says the storm has stopped. She looks surprised. She wanted the storm to drive her to the entrance.

It’s nice weather. Nami is shocked and explains that they have landed in the Calm Belt. The ship is drifting on calm sea, you can still see the storm in the background. The others want to know what the Calm Belt is, but instead of giving an answer, the navigator yells that the sails should be hauled in and they should use the oars to bring the ship back into the storm. Zoro responds by saying that the weather is so nice, but Nami is pissed because he doesn’t get it, they’ve drifted south. In response, the swordsman says that then yes, they are already on the Grand Line. Nami yells that this is not so easy. The Grand Line is between two sea zones that are always windless, that is the Calm Belt. The ship starts rocking and sea kings start popping up everywhere. The Going Merry sits on the nose of the biggest beast. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji look horrified, and Nami clings to the mast, saying it’s the Sea Kings’ nest. The sea kings dive back down, with only the big one still floating on top. Zoro’s plan is for them to start rowing when he dives. The giant snake starts to sneeze and flings the Going Merry back down. Usopp loses his footing and flies off the ship. Just then, a giant frog appears and tries to eat him. Luffy stretches his arm and saves his gunner.

The ship is back in the storm, complete with crew, and Nami exhaustedly asks if anyone else objects to the entrance. The navigator has a flash of inspiration and explains how they manage to climb the mountain. All the streams of the four seas come together at Reverse Mountain and meet at the top. From there, the water flows down to the Grand Line. On the sides of the entrances, the currents are pulled down. If they didn’t hit the entrance just right, they would be swept down with the ship. Sanji mentions that he’s heard something like this before. Half of the sailors would already fail at the entrance to the Grand Line.

A huge rock wall appears in front of the ship, the continent of Redline, where Reverse Mountain is located. They try to reach the small channel, but when trying to steer to the right, the rudder breaks. The ship now threatens to hit one of the pillars in the channel, but Luffy saves the Lamb by throwing himself in between them with the gum-gum balloon and cushioning the ship. Before Luffy falls into the water, he is pulled back onto the deck by Zoro.

Everyone is relieved that they can now safely go up the mountain. They reach the top above the clouds and Luffy screams with joy that he can see the Grand Line, whereupon they hurtle down the mountain.

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