One Piece Chapter 1008


Front page request: “A horse that wants to fly becomes a Pegasus with Robin’s help” by Maicho Caramel.


Onigashima, at the Akazaya hideout: The samurai have just been revealed by none other than Kozuki Oden himself, causing most of them to burst into tears of joy. Only Ashura Doji doesn’t trust the sight, but is convinced he sees nothing more than a trick before him. To prove this, he unceremoniously attacks Oden with his sword, which cuts through the illusion without result. This makes it clear to him that it could only be a drawing by Kanjuro, as she in turn draws her own sword and rams it into Doji’s chest! Horrified by this ambush, the others quickly want to search for the real Kanjuro, who must be controlling his drawing from another location, when Oden suddenly ignites an explosive belt. In order to save his comrades-in-arms, the badly wounded Ashura Doji throws himself at the enemy and carries him out through a window, just as the explosion occurs. Furious, Kinemon immediately wants to take revenge on Kanjuro, when suddenly Jack breaks through a wall to face the Akazaya again. This time, however, Inuarashi wants to fight the duel alone, so that the remaining seven can go in search of Momonosuke to protect the Kozuki heir from Kanjuro…

Elsewhere, a man is ordering the fire raging in the castle to be put out immediately so that it doesn’t spread out of control. Curiously, this man is Kurozumi Orochi, accompanied by Fukurokuju, who is out for revenge against the treacherous Kaidou…!

Meanwhile, Momonosuke is still with Yamato and Shinobu, but has since changed back. He reports that he wishes he could control his dragon form so that he could be of more help to Luffy and company. In the same breath, he also reveals that the Straw Hat Captain on the rooftop is exhausted but still hasn’t lost his courage. Shinobu, meanwhile, wonders how he knows that…

Meanwhile on the roof: Luffy was kept away from the emperors long enough to regenerate. Still, the others are skeptical that they’ve been able to do any damage at all to their opponents so far. To this, Luffy only replies that it must be so, since even these powerful enemies are still human. Killer, on the other hand, says that they need to fight Kaidou and Big Mom separately, as that’s the only way they stand a chance. Luffy smilingly agrees, as his still uncloudedly confident gaze crosses with that of Kaidou, who has meanwhile transformed into his animal-human form…

Oda’s comment

I’m a newbie who just made my debut! I’m past the point where I can say, “I don’t have hay fever unless I admit it!” Damn!

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