One Piece Chapter 1007


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Onigashima, the Main Hall: Hyogoro has defeated the Orochi secret agents as well as the Mimawarigumi, but he can no longer withstand Queen’s virus, so he demands to be killed by Yatappe before he turns into an ice demon. However, in addition to many of the Yakuza, dozens of Kaidou’s troops are also infected, which is why they accuse Queen of having to die as well, but “the Plague” only replies that the Pleasures are failures and the Waiters, in turn, could never become Smile users since there is no Smile production anymore. Thus, they were all useless and replaceable. As the Beasts Pirates Pirates freeze in shock at their boss’ statements, Yatappe tearfully wants to do what’s necessary, but at that moment Chopper appears on the scene, announcing that he’s finally found the cure! However, since there are far too many infected, he also presents a cannon that releases the antidote in gas form so that it can be inhaled by everyone at once. Enraged by the demons’ incipient healing, Queen unceremoniously attacks the ship’s doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, but Kaidou’s men throw themselves protectively in front of the reindeer, as they now want to turn against the “catastrophe” that would have recklessly let them fall. That’s when Marco unceremoniously takes the initiative and grabs Queen with his flames, whereupon Chopper transforms into his monster form and delivers a hard blow to the main representative’s face….

Meanwhile, at Yamato, Shinobu, and Momonosuke’s place: the Kozuki heir is still embarrassed about everyone getting into fights instead of him, which is why he suddenly transforms into his dragon form…

Simultaneously in a side room at CP0: The agents talk about the time Kaidou was a prisoner of the Navy. At the time, Dr. Vegapunk extracted the Emperor’s stem genes to create an artificial Devil Fruit based on them. This would later be labeled a failure, but there is information that one of the labs on Punk Hazard is said to have been intact until recently, so the fruit may not have been blown up with it when the island was devastated by an explosion back then.

Meanwhile, back at Kinemon and Co.’s hideout, the Akazaya have regained consciousness and are now wondering who tended to their wounds. As they are about to jump back into the battle, a mysterious person takes the floor. The samurai can’t believe their eyes when none other than Kozuki Oden himself stands before them…!

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