One Piece Chapter 1006


Color spread of the 100-beast pirate gang featuring Kaidou, the three main representatives King, Queen, and Jack, as well as the flying six Ulti, Page One, Black Maria, Sasaki, Who’s Who, and X. Drake. Drake. A video from the official Twitter channel shows Oda’s sketching phase of the double-page spread. From it, it appears that he had originally planned to draw the Straw Hat Pirates, until he ultimately decided to go with the upper echelon of the Beasts Pirates.


Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: Yamato, Shinobu and Momonosuke are still on the run from Kaidou’s forces, with the Marys keeping an eye on them. Through their communication, Sanji also learns that Momonosuke is in danger, so he’s not sure if he should help him or the Akazaya first…

Meanwhile, outside the castle: Because clouds have moved in front of the full moon, Carrot and Wanda could not maintain their Su Long forms and therefore lost their battle against Charlotte Perospero. The son of the Charlotte family now goes inside the castle as well….

Simultaneously in the main hall: the battle continues to rage as Chopper hastily works to create an antidote to the virus released by Queen. Meanwhile, Marco’s flames help the fighters from turning back into ice demons, but the Yakuza still notice that their powers are slowly dwindling. So Hyogoro, who is also infected and now severely weakened, asks his companions to kill him should he be unable to stop the transformation into a demon. Using his one-sword technique “Flaming Hair of Holy Rage”, he then unceremoniously takes out the Mimawarigumi, which does not go unnoticed by Queen. The “main representative” therefore wants to take out this overpowered enemy himself, but before he can launch an attack, Marco intervenes with his “Phoenix Brand” attack to remind the “disaster” that he is his opponent. The following double attack by Queen and King is easily dodged by Marco using his devil powers and he then counters with his “Blue Bird” attack against King, which powerfully slams the “Forest Fire” into a wall. Right after that, he lands a hard hit against Queen with his technique “Crane Talons”. All of this is unnoticed by Perospero, who realizes that while Marco seems to have the upper hand, the former division commander of the Whitebeard pirate gang also looks clearly exhausted…

This same exhaustion causes the effect of the flames to weaken in the main hall and the first fighters start to turn into ice demons again. Therefore, Hyogoro now sees the time for his death has come…

Oda’s comment

One Piece has been picking up steam since Wano Country started in the anime! Please check it out!

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