One Piece Chapter 1004


Front page request: “Chopper hands out Rumble Ball candy to a squirrel and a monkey who stuff their cheeks with it” by Hiyu Mori.


Onigashima, somewhere inside Kaidou’s castle: Speed has arrived on the island and is handing out Dango among the defeated Headliners and Poisoners. As a flashback reveals, these are O-Tama’s Dangos, which she handed over to Speed on the way to Onigashima so that she could win Kaidou’s men over to her side. In turn, it is revealed that Gazelleman and Daifugo are also already under the influence of her devilish powers, and also began to distribute as many Dangos as they could…

Meanwhile, at the scene of Franky and Sasaki’s fight: the cyborg fires his General Left at his opponent at this moment, but the Triceratops simply races through the bullets. As he tries to ram Franky in response, however, the Straw Hat is able to grab his opponent by his horn and throw him to the ground. To help their leader, Sasaki’s subordinates suddenly cling to Franky’s arms and legs to hold him down, so that Sasaki can start a new onslaught. Just before he reaches his enemy, however, he notices Usopp, Nami, and O-Tama on Komachiyo’s back behind him, closely followed by a whole horde of Smile users. The Tobi Roppo therefore already sees himself as the winner, when suddenly O-Tama calls for an attack, whereupon the Ancient Zoan user is horrified to discover that the pirates seem to obey the girl’s orders. In turn, Franky is able to use this confusion to dodge Sasaki’s attack, which hits the attacking Gifters instead. Then Ulti and Page One show up as well, who immediately want to take revenge on the supposed traitors, but Nami unceremoniously interrupts the former’s attack with her Thunder Lance speed. At the same time Franky grabs his Fran-Sword and raises it swinging against Sasaki to finally inflict a gaping wound by means of his technique “Victory V Flash”…

Meanwhile, elsewhere with Sanji and Black Maria: the Zoan user has tied up the Cook with her spider threads and orders him to call Nico Robin. On Kaidou’s orders she should be captured and tortured to get information out of her, but Sanji can only reply that Black Maria better not underestimate Robin…

Suddenly Bao Huang speaks up and announces that she has discovered where the badly injured Akazaya are hidden. When King hears this, he immediately tells Black Maria to go there to kill the weakened samurai. However, Bao Huang carefully takes this opportunity to point out that there were ten people in the room, not just nine. A tenth, cloaked stranger is helping the Akazaya at this moment….

Oda’s comment

Queen Bee’s “Yaten” is really great and I listen to it up and down. More and more amazing people are popping up in the music world.
Queen Bee (note: needs link)is a Japanese rock band.

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