One Piece Chapter 1003


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Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: Luffy is still attacking Kaidou with a brilliant Gum Gum Kong Gatling, but after delivering dozens of powerful blows to the Emperor, the side effects of his Gear 4 show and he is forced to change back. To tide him over for the next ten minutes, Zoro grabs his captain while Trafalgar Law takes on Big Mom as well as Eustass Kid and Killer look to continue working on the supposedly weakened Kaidou. However, it is then revealed that the “World’s Strongest Creature” is far from finished, which he unceremoniously demonstrates with his “Tatsu Maki” technique: This creates several whirlwinds, which once again tear apart Kid’s metal colossus as well as catapult Luffy out of Zoro’s arms. Kaidou in turn uses this opportunity to grab the rubber boy with his mouth, whereupon Zoro resorts to his swords. Reinforced by his new King Sword, he delivers a devastating blow to Kaidou using his technique “Kokujō: O Tatsu Maki”, which hurts even the giant dragon’s skin! Now understanding that Zoro’s strength comes from the former sword of Kozuki Oden, he counters with an even more powerful variation of his previous attack…

At the same time inside the castle: While the battle is still raging in the main hall, CP 0 has gathered in an adjoining room to observe the events. As they do so, they vicariously use stones to count the number of combatants from both parties on a Go board. As one of them states, it was annoying that Kurozumi Orochi was killed, however, a battle between the Emperors and the New Generation was inevitable at the same time after Donquixote Doflamingo’s fall. Now, moreover, fate had led to an alliance of the samurai and the pirates, making the battle even. Should two emperors actually fall, it would mean an uncertain future for the entire world…. However, this is contradicted by another member of the organization, who notes that the invaders would only be left with 5,000 of 5,400 men against 27,000 of 30,000, which would diminish their chances. The only way to victory, they say, is to break the power of the leadership of the Beasts Pirates by defeating its most powerful members. Meanwhile, the fact that the enemies of the world government are taking each other out of the game would be very convenient for the Cipher Pol…

Back on the roof: Both parties have taken a beating by now and are now facing each other again. To give the fight a twist, Kaidou has finally transformed into his hybrid form…

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I got a new Blu-ray player for work. You can record a whole week of shows?! Just amazing.

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