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Part 2 of the two-part Color Spread featuring the Straw Hat Pirates bathing in a sea of treasure. To mark this anniversary, the cover pays homage to the Color Spread of Chapter 100, and a website was launched specifically for the 1,000th chapter. The official social media channels tuned in to it since Chapter 990 with the hashtag #ONEPIECE1000LOGS. On February 20, 2021, a time-lapse video of the sketching of the Color Spread was posted on the official Twitter channel.


Onigashima: Luffy has almost reached his destination, the roof of Kaidou’s castle, when he encounters Inuarashi’s musketeers on the 5th and final floor. They have already eliminated the enemies of this floor, so that the Straw Hat Captain can proceed unhindered…

At the same time, in the main hall, Marco and Zoro have gotten to Queen and King, with the former commander of the 1st Whitebeard Division managing to keep both “disasters” at bay at the same time. In the process, he also flings Zoro upwards so that he too can finally reach the battlefield on the roof…

Meanwhile, elsewhere: Yamato has just revealed to Momonosuke that she is in possession of his father Kozuki Oden’s diary, which she now intends to hand over to the rightful heir. In it, it was written, among other things, that the Roger pirates predicted that 20 years after their time, the next generation of young, strong pirates would emerge in the New World to shape a new era. While Yamato once thought that they would be led by Ace, she remembered his words after his death….

During Ace and Yamato’s past meeting: Ace tells his new acquaintance about his incredibly strong-willed brother, who has set his sights on becoming King of the Pirates. Being a firm believer in Luffy himself, Ace doesn’t want Yamato to laugh at this dream, but the latter is instead thrilled that Luffy seems to closely resemble her own idols Oden and Roger. Before parting ways, the Emperor’s daughter makes Ace’s Vivre Card and also explains to the pirate how it works. The two part ways with a promise to meet again one day by means of the Vivre Card….

Back in the present, as Yamato relates, Ace’s Vivre Card had simply disappeared one day. It was only from the newspaper that she learned of his death, as well as of his parentage and the fact that his little brother actually became a pirate and is currently making a name for himself in the world…

Meanwhile on the roof: Luffy has just arrived on the scene, where he is already awaited by Zoro as well as Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid and Killer, who are also present. Together, the five former supernovae now face the two emperors, Kaidou and Charlotte Linlin, with the former demanding that the Straw Hat repeat what his outrageous goal was. The rubber boy, however, simply walks wordlessly past the two greats, straight to the Nine Akazaya, who are all lying on the ground behind Kaidou, bloodied and defeated. As Luffy kneels beside Kinemon, the samurai apologizes for his defeat and tearfully asks Luffy to complete his task of freeing Wano Country for him. The latter agrees without further thought and immediately has Law’s devilish powers take the Akazaya out of harm’s way. Just then Kaidou raises his mace to attack the Straw Hat Pirate, but he is able to dodge in a flash and switch to his Gear 3 mode. In the air above Kaidou, he thinks back to all the suffering the Minks of Zou, Momonosuke, Kinemon, as well as the people of Wano Country, especially Tonoyasu and Hyo, had to endure just because of the Emperor, whereupon he starts his new technique “Gomu Gomu no Red Roc”… This in turn hits Kaidou devastatingly in the face, knocking him to the ground for the time being, astonishing even Big Mom! Turning to his adversaries, Luffy proclaims that he wants to surpass them both, as he is the man who will become Pirate King…!


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The composite color spread from Jump issues #03-04 and #05-06
  • The chapter was printed in Jump issue #05-06. The figures can be read in Japanese Gomu.
  • The Weekly Shōnen Jump covers of issues #03-04 and #05-06 can likewise be put together into one big one. The One Piece characters were each drawn by the mangaka of the other Jump series running at the time. Some of the mangaka also each contributed a manga page featuring their respective series characters. This features the characters in a pirate theme and references to One Piece.
  • With the release of the chapter, an official worldwide character popularity vote started at the same time, where you could vote for your favorite out of a total of 1,174 characters of the manga until February 28, 2021. Votes could be cast online on the website once a day or by regular postcard. The votes were added up according to a point system. Online votes counted for 1 point, postcard votes counted for 10 points. All characters that had appeared by the end of Volume 97 (Chapter 984) (with a few exceptions) were available for selection. The most popular characters were given a new illustration by Oda at the end, see here. The results of the poll were released in May. On social media, the vote was accompanied by the hashtags #ONEPIECE1000LOGS, #WT100 and #WEAREONE. There is also a promo video on YouTube.
  • Furthermore, there is an official commemorative video in which Japanese people reenact or honor moments from One Piece.
  • An announcement of the character popularity vote was also printed in the New York Times.
  • After the end of episode 956, a small announcement was shown about the appearance of the 1,000 chapter with Luffy and Chopper.
  • On Twitter, the hashtags #ONEPIECE and #ONEPIECE1000LOGS automatically added a little Luffy emoji for the release period of this chapter.
  • To mark this anniversary, a new chapter of Shokugeki no Sanji had appeared in the same Jump issue. The issue also included a special chapter of One Piece Party, which also celebrated this milestone with a color spread.
  • In One Piece Magazine Vol. 13, the complete storyboard of the chapter is printed. In a message, Oda also mentions that he hadn’t originally planned to draw anything special in Chapter 1000, since his characters aren’t aware of this anniversary, after all. However, as his editors began planning for this anniversary in advance, Oda thought about how he could fuel the story leading up to this chapter.

Oda’s comment

Happy new year! This year’s wish is to draw many great manga! Let’s have a great year!

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