One Piece Chapter 100



The Straw Hat Pirates is still in Loguetown.

Buggy, who was struck by lightning, stands up and curses Luffy. The marines reach the place of the scaffold and Alvida warns her colleague about it. Buggy doesn’t mind, however, because he’s too focused on Luffy, who is on his way to the west port with Zoro and Sanji. Buggy is confident, saying that the Straw Hat Pirates won’t be able to get off the island since the The Going Merry is supposed to burn down. Thanks to a motor and wheels, the clown transforms into a separation car and Alvida slides down a slope, as she creates no friction thanks to her devil power. Both of them also want to make their way to the harbor, but are overrun by a cloud of smoke and can’t move. Just like the whole gang, they are held down thanks to Smoker’s devil power and can no longer escape. The villains are tied up with a material so that Buggy and Alvida’s devil powers are disabled. Captain Smoker now also rides his smoke bike to the harbor to confront Luffy.

Meanwhile, Mohji is at the docks with Richie at the Going Merry to light it. It’s raining so hard that he can’t manage to light the matches, though. Usopp shows up with Nami to confront him. Mohji is so startled that he slips and bangs his head against the ship and is knocked out for now. Usopp goes to shoot the lion with a rotten egg bomb, but misses. Richie, who has been starving all along, is happy to see the egg and runs over to eat it. The sniper runs onto the ship with Nami.

Inside the city, the chase continues. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji continue to flee from the marines. Lieutenant Tashigi gets in the way of the three and demands Zoro give him the sword he possesses, as it is one of the King’s Swords. A fight ensues between the two, while Luffy and Sanji run on. The cook doesn’t like the idea of Zoro fighting a woman at all, but is pulled along by Luffy. Tashigi stands unarmed with her back against the wall and is harassed by Zoro’s sword, who tells her that he will never give up his sword. The marines are astonished that their lieutenant has lost. The swordsman wants to head for the ship, but is stopped by Tashigi because she wants to know why he didn’t kill her and has to live with the ignominy of being a loser. She wants to know if it’s because she’s a woman. At this sentence, Zoro remembers his dead girlfriend Kuina again. He wants Tashigi to shut up, see her and talk like his girlfriend. She doesn’t care about this and they start arguing.

Luffy and Sanji continue to be on the run. Smoker tries to apprehend them and catches Luffy with his devil power. Sanji tries to help his captain and attacks Smoker, who goes up in smoke during the attack and slams him into a wall with White-Strike. Luffy fights back and attacks with the gum-gum gun, his opponent already turning back into smoke and appearing behind him. Smoker grins, questioning the high bounty. He presses the straw hat to the ground with his face and goes for the final blow with his staff, but is stopped by a hand. Smoker looks up at the mysterious person and explains that this person is wanted. Luffy also wants to know what is going on, but continues to be pushed to the ground. A strong gale suddenly blows through the alleyways, tossing a few marines around. The wind frees Luffy, but also Buggy and Alvida along with their gang. Zoro has caught up with Luffy and Sanji, and all three race to the harbor together. Sanji is happy to see that Nami’s prediction was correct. Smoker asks the mysterious person why he helped the boy and gives his name, Dragon. The three arrive at the harbor and board the ship.

Pissed off, Smoker appears at the naval base and wants to go after the Straw Hat Pirates. Tashigi wants to go with him to get revenge on Zoro. He is told by a soldier that he is not allowed to leave the base, which Smoker doesn’t care about since he would be there commanding.

At the same time: under a canopy Buggy stands with his gang and wants to go with Alvida also on the Grand Line and pursue the straw hat.

The Going Merry sails out to sea and reaches the last safe place before the Grand Line. The storm is still raging, but the gang, except for Usopp, are not dissuaded from sailing on. Usopp is shivering and asks if they really want to sail in this weather, but is totally ignored by the others.

Sanji sets up a barrel and wants to swear a pact with the other four. He puts his foot on the barrel and says that he wants to find the Allblue. Luffy now puts his on it too and swears that he will be Pirate King. Zoro wants to be the best swordsman and Nami wants to draw the perfect world map. Usopp hesitates a bit, then puts his foot on the barrel, trembling, and wants to become a brave warrior of the seas. All together they lift their respective foot, which was on the barrel, crush it and shout: “here we go!”.


  • Just like Chapter 70, this originally had a third color page in addition to the color spread in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and the 4th Log, placed on the first page before the color spread. In the twelfth anthology of the saga titled The Beginning of LegendHowever, these were printed in grayscale as usual. Except for the color of the speech bubble text, the color pages of the log and the magazine are identical.
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