One Piece Chapter 097


Koby’s Diary, Part 13: Prepare to Fire:
While Helmeppo calls for help, the crew aboard the ship readies a cannon to sink the lifeboat carrying Morgan and Helmeppo.


Nami tries on countless fancy dresses in a clothing boutique. However, when the enthusiastic store owner asks her if she is going to buy them all, she denies it, saying that she needs something more ordinary. Leaving the disappointed store owner behind, she leaves the store.

Luffy has found the scaffold where Gol D. Roger was executed and is standing in front of it, lost in thought.

Zoro wanders through the city, his mind still on Tashigi, until he enters a gun store. There he meets the store’s owner, Tanne, who, despite his initial enthusiasm for the customer, becomes disillusioned rather quickly when he finds out how little money Zoro has. All of a sudden, however, his eyes meet Zoro’s Wado-Ichi-Monji. Knowing that this is worth a lot, he tries not to let on and buy the sword from Zoro. Zoro denies, of course, and Tanne raises his offer for the sword, until Tashigi bursts in and immediately clarifies that this weapon is one of the best swords in the world, namely the 21 King Swords, and thus worth more than ten million berries.

Tanne is very upset that Tashigi screwed up this deal for him, because he thinks Zoro is an amateur who doesn’t deserve to own such a sword. Incensed, he points out the swords to him, which are in a corner and cost only 50,000 berry.

Tashigi strikes up a conversation with Zoro, noting that they have met before. Oblivious to Zoro’s identity, she begins to tell him of her dislike for the “pirate hunter”, who also possesses three swords. She thinks he is a bad person, and notes that nowadays all the good swords belong to unsuitable people, and that the swords would be unfortunate.

Tanne interjects that he’s always had these people as customers until Smoker, whom he refers to as “evil,” came to town. Tashigi defends Smoker and tells of her dream: she wants to get all the swords back from the people who don’t deserve them, even if it costs her life. Zoro then mockingly remarks that she would then have to take his sword as well.

Tashigi looks up one of the swords in the corner in her book and is surprised to find that it is a 3rd generation Kitetsu, which was supposed to cost a million berries. Embarrassed, Tanne interjects that he can’t sell this sword. Zoro senses that it is cursed, and Tanne explains that everyone who has wielded such a sword has disappeared or perished. Of course, this piques Zoro’s interest and, to the horror of Tashigi and Tanne, he throws the sword vertically into the air, spinning, and raises his right arm under it to test which is stronger: the curse or his luck.

The sword rotates around Zoro’s arm onto the floor, but doesn’t hurt him in the process. He tells Tashigi to pick him out a second one, whereupon Tanne rushes into a back room of his store and pulls out his best sword, the Yubashili. Zoro says he can’t afford it, and Tanne explains that Zoro gets both swords for free, since he sees Zoro as a really good swordsman. At the same time, he apologizes for trying to trick him at first.

Zoro wanders off and back at the store, Tan’s wife asks her husband why he gave the sword away for free. He proudly says that a real man gave another real man a dream and that reason is enough.

On the last page, you first see part of Smoker, who is sitting in a building asking for Tashigi. On the street Sanji wanders, extolling the virtues of the big city. He says that the most beautiful women far and wide are to be found here. His gaze lingers on Lady Alvida.

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