One Piece Chapter 096


Koby’s Diary, Part 12: Morgan’s Escape: Captain Morgan has kidnapped Helmeppo. He stands laughing in a boat, fleeing from the navy.


Nami buys a newspaper from a sea bird and complains about the rising prices of the news paper. Usopp starts a little argument with Nami about how Nami probably doesn’t want to save more money. She denies Usopp’s thesis. The latter is in the process of creating new special bullets for his slingshot weapon.

When Luffy accidentally jumps on Usopp, some of the chili liquid gets into Usopp’s eyes. He screams like a banshee.

As the story progresses, Luffy would like to eat one of Nami’s oranges. But she won’t give him a single one. Sanji decides to protect Nami’s orange trees from Luffy.

As Nami continues to read the newspaper, a flyer falls out. At this time, Luffy’s ship, the The Going Merry, is heading for the Grand Line.

Change of scene to naval headquarters. There, a meeting of naval officers is taking place under the direction of Corvette Captain Brannew. The wanted posters of Arlong, Don Krieg and Buggy are shown. Brannew then shows the newly developed and first wanted poster of Luffy. His bounty is 30 million berries. The corvette captain says that some might consider it too high, but in his opinion it is not.

You hear a speech from a presumably high naval officer that all naval followers must not show any weakness and must perform their duties. This includes, for example, that the marines must hunt down and, if necessary, destroy all evil, including all pirates.

Scene change to the The Going Merry: Luffy looks at his wanted poster and rejoices. Everyone except Nami is celebrating this event. She is the only one worried about a likely Marine pursuit.

Zoro is the first to see an island that the Straw Hat Pirates is heading towards. This island is called Loguetown. Nami mentions that the famous pirate king named Gold Roger was born and executed there.

A moment later, the Straw Hat Pirates is already on the island in a large city. Luffy wants to see the execution site of the former pirate king. The others have the goal to go shopping.

Zoro walks through the city and sees two pirates standing in the way of Lieutenant Tashigi. She wants to defeat the criminals. This happens seemingly effortlessly in the next moment. However, Tashigi falls in the aftermath and loses her glasses. Zoro picks up the item, whereupon Tashigi thanks him.

There is a change of location to an island somewhere on the Grand Line. Hawkeye, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, shows up. He asks the local pirates where their captain is. This one is the famous pirate Shanks. The reason why Hawkeye appears is that he wants to show Shanks the wanted poster of Luffy. Everyone rejoices and celebrates this event by getting drunk.

At the end of the chapter, you see Luffy’s home village. It is called Foosha Village. All the inhabitants, except the mayor named Woop Slapp, are happy about Luffy’s bounty and think that it was his dream to become a famous pirate.

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