One Piece Chapter 094


Color page: Nami is standing in front of a table where Nojiko and Genzo are standing. A beach party is taking place in the background.


After Arlong Park is destroyed by Luffy, the others look to the ruined building in dismay, as Luffy has not yet reappeared. However, shortly after, the Straw Hat Pirate rises from the rubble, to the delight of the others, and yells to Nami that the two of them are friends, which Nami tearfully affirms.

Everyone rejoices at the victory over Arlong, the destruction of Arlong Park, and the end of tyranny, when suddenly Captain Rat appears, having watched the fight between Arlong and Luffy from afar. He announces to them that he claims all of Arlong’s treasures and that they should hand them over to him. But just as he finished his last sentence, Zoro suddenly pulls his hair. With a grim face he says that everyone in the village would be happy now and he had better not disturb them.

A short time later, the entire unit, including their captain, was beaten up by Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp. Afterwards, Nami steps towards them, puts his straw hat back on Luffy, and finally goes to Rat. Since he had shot Nojiko and destroyed Bell-mère’s orange orchard, she gives him a heavy blow with her cane, for which Nojiko thanks her.

When Rat has emerged from the water again to catch his breath, Nami pulls his hair. She tells him that he and his marine unit will rebuild the village of Goza. Furthermore, he will not touch Arlong’s treasure with a finger, as it belongs to the villagers, and he will give Nami her money back. After Nami releases him again, Rat immediately swims away with the threat that he will pay the pirates back for everything.

After eight years, the tyranny has finally come to an end. Nami visits Bell-mère’s grave with Nojiko and Genzo. She asks them if Bell-mère would mind if Nami became a pirate. To which Genzo replies that she wouldn’t listen to her adoptive mother anyway if she told her not to.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats are in the village, where Zoro is being treated by Dr. Nako. Next to him, Luffy sits in a chair while Sanji and Usopp wait outside. The doctor asks the two in shock if they don’t have a doctor on their ship. To which Luffy replies that it would indeed be an interesting idea, but of course Luffy’s first priority is to look for musicians.

On the way back to the village, Genzo is incessantly laughing. Nojiko asks him what’s going on. To which he replies that the two are really Bell-mère’s daughters.

Meanwhile, Rat has arrived back at his base. He immediately picks up the phone and uses a Den-den Mushi to call headquarters. He informs them that there is a pirate in East Blue named Monkey D. Luffy, who always wears a straw hat. There are already four other fellows in his crew. He thinks that the pirates would be very dangerous since they defeated Arlong’s gang. Shortly after, he sends a picture of Luffy to headquarters. The marine there asks if there isn’t another picture of Luffy, one where he would look scarier. However, Rat indicates that this is the only picture they have. The navy captain wants the straw-hatted boy added to the list of wanted pirates.


  • This chapter originally had a color page in addition to the color chapter cover in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and 3rd Log. In the eleventh anthology of the saga titled The Worst Guy in the EastHowever, these were printed in grayscale as usual.
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