One Piece Chapter 090


Koby’s Diary, Part 7 – Sailors Matro….?!!!
Koby and Helmeppo are carrying something heavy around when Helmeppo suddenly sees something that knocks him flat. In shock, he lets go and Koby topples over with the heavy stuff.


Since Luffy’s friends defeated his crewmates, Arlong vows to take revenge on Luffy for it. When Arlong asks the straw-hatted pirate the difference between a normal human and a fish-man, and the fish-man merely gives meaningless answers, the bully yells at him that it’s the fish power and jumps at Luffy in a rage and bite. Luffy keeps backing away until Arlong grabs him and pushes him against a pillar to bite him, but the straw-hatted boy is able to get his head to the side in time, which is why the fish-man bites the entire pillar.

As Arlong moves on to the next attack, Luffy quickly grabs two swords, causing Sanji to wonder if Luffy can even handle them. The latter wields them for a short time until Arlong destroys the swords with his saw nose. He then gives him a heavy blow to the face, causing Arlong’s dentures to shatter, which shocks the villagers. He then admits that he can’t cook, navigate, lie, or use swords, which he doesn’t need since he has friends. Arlong only replies that his crew would only have problems with him as captain, and asks him what he can do anyway. Luffy replies that he will succeed in defeating him.

Arlong gets angry and grows back his teeth, which surprises both Luffy and the villagers. But the bully only replies that fish people can always grow their teeth back, and they even get stronger in the process. No matter how many times he would lose his teeth, they would always grow back, which he immediately demonstrates by ripping out his dentures twice. He now holds them in his hands and goes after Luffy with them, who however uses another fish-man as a shield. Afterwards he thinks he has an idea.

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