One Piece Chapter 089


Koby’s Diary, Part 6 – Sailors, Sailors to the Ship!!!
Koby and Helmeppo are also to sail aboard the ship. While they clean swords and cannonballs, Helmeppo worries that his father is facing the death penalty.


While Sanji is underwater, Arlong ponders why Luffy might still be alive. He comes to the conclusion that someone from the village must have helped him. To verify his theory, he wants to check for himself, but he is momentarily distracted by Usopp and still Zoro stands in his way. Zoro wants to break his nose with his swords, but it doesn’t work, because it seems that Arlong’s nose is unbreakable.

While Zoro is fighting Arlong, Hatchan suddenly gets up again. At first he mistakenly thought that Usopp wanted to shoot him with the rubber band. He then runs and jumps into the water to stop Sanji. Zoro is momentarily distracted by this and Arlong manages to wound him.

Meanwhile, Sanji has arrived underwater to Luffy and Nojiko when suddenly Hatchan appears. Nojiko gets in his way so that Sanji can destroy the boulder.

Above water, Arlong has picked up the injured Zoro. He takes off his bandages so he can see what is hiding underneath. When the scar and all the blood are revealed, Arlong as well as Nami, Johnny and Yosaku are horrified. It is inexplicable to the fish man why Zoro is still alive with this injury. As Arlong goes for the final blow, the swordsman suddenly starts talking. Zoro says that if he hadn’t done anything, the wound wouldn’t have opened up either. Arlong retorts that this is true and that he is a rather strange person. But the straw-hatted pirate only replies that he wasn’t talking about himself, but about Hatchan, whose wound suddenly opened during the attack on Nojiko.

After Hatchan takes himself out, Sanji destroys the boulder with a kick and Luffy is freed. He flies into the air and replaces Zoro. The battle between Luffy and Arlong can begin. The straw hat boy lands in front of his opponent and first gives him a gum-gum bell and right after that the gum-gum whip. Without letting the fish man get a move on, Luffy then uses the Gomu Gomu no Bullet followed by the Gomu Gomu no Gatling. Arlong crashes into a wall and, unimpressed, asks his opponent what that was supposed to do. To which Luffy replies that he just finished his warm-up.

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