One Piece Chapter 088


Koby’s Diary, Part 5 – The sailors take Morgan to the ship for his punishment.
The prisoner Morgan is brought aboard a ship, shackled. While everyone else stands still, probably glad to see an end to his reign, Koby and Helmeppo get a huge fright when they see him again.


Usopp’s plan worked. With the help of the fireball, he has managed to ignite his opponent, who has previously been covered in rum. The burning Kiss now runs back to the water in panic to extinguish the fire, and is still attacked by Usopp with his hammer. Apparently defeated and burned, he remains lying in the water. But when he tries to get up one more time, Usopp goes after him again with his hammer and knocks him out. The Straw Hat Pirate has finally managed to defeat the Fish Man.

Meanwhile, at Bell-mère’s house, Nami bandages the wound on her arm. She decides to stop crying and then heads to Arlong Park where her friends are fighting.

Meanwhile there, both Zoro and Sanji are down in just a short time. As it seems, they don’t stand a chance against Arlong. When Sanji has to lose out against the fish-man one more time, Nami suddenly appears.

She says she came to kill Arlong, to which he laughs. Nami would be far too weak for that, and besides, she’s supposed to be his navigator forever. If she refused to continue working for him as a navigator, he would kill everyone but her. However, if she did decide to be his navigator forever, he would let the villagers of Kokos live, but the Straw Hat Pirates would still have to die because they caused him too much trouble. Nami has to decide whether to stay in Arlong’s crew or go with the Straw Hats. The navigator is desperate at first, but eventually decides to fight Arlong, with the support of the villagers.

Luffy has also woken up and spits out the water he had swallowed. When Sanji sees this, he knows that now only the stone must be destroyed. While Sanji jumps into the water to do so, Zoro tries to stop Arlong from following the cook. Arlong is attacking the pirate when he is suddenly hit by something. It is Usopp, who has returned to Arlong Park after defeating Kiss. While Sanji swims underwater to Luffy, Hatchan suddenly stands up again.

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