One Piece Chapter 085


Koby’s Diary, Part 3 – A Break Off Base
While Koby enjoys the break eating rice balls from Rika, Helmeppo mourns the good times when he used to give orders instead of taking them. He blames Luffy for this, of course. With tears in his eyes, he drives a small stake through the head of a little doll with a straw hat (voodoo doll?).


Johnny and Yosaku are worried about Zoro, as his wounds still haven’t fully healed, but he still gets into a fight with Hatchan. However, the swordsman retorts that it’s not their problem as he straps on his bandana. Since his other two swords broke in the fight against Hawkeye, he has Johnny and Yosaku throw them to him. The battle of three swords against six swords can begin.

With his three-sword style, he manages to evade Hatchan’s attack and even inflict a wound on him in the process, which visibly amazes the villagers. But Hatchan is not beaten yet. On the contrary, now he is even more furious and believes that no one can stand against his six swords, even Zoro.

Meanwhile, Genzo and Nojiko are still trying to destroy the boulder that Luffy is stuck in underwater. Genzo would find it very handy to have an oxygen mask to help Luffy breathe again. However, the two don’t have one, but that’s when they get an idea.

Above water, Hatchan doesn’t understand why Zoro’s swords are supposed to be heavier than his, since his own weigh 300 kilograms each. But Zoro only says that an idiot like him would never understand that. Hatchan gets angry again and attacks Zoro with the Octopus in a six-pack. At first it seems like Zoro can stop the attack, but the fish-man pushes Zoro’s arms apart and rams his head right into the wound that Hawkeye gave him. He then throws Zoro into the air and attempts to slice him with the Sword Dance. However, the Straw Hat Pirate is able to instinctively dodge the attack and even inflict a wound on Hatchan in the process, again surprising the villagers.

Zoro’s pain is getting stronger and stronger and although a normal person would have given up long ago, he still fights on, because he must not lose under any circumstances. With another attack Hatchan now wants to defeat his opponent for good, but Zoro succeeds, to Hatchan’s horror, in destroying his swords. He then defeats the fish man, who still refused to give up and attacked with the Hatchan Punch, with the attack Whirlwind. Hatchan flies into the air due to the attack and then lands defeated on the ground.

Zoro also goes down and now presents an easy target for Hatchan, who wants revenge on him for Hatchan. But suddenly Sanji reappears and stops the kick of the fish man.

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