One Piece Chapter 084


Koby’s journal, part 2 – Sailor! Sailor!
The two of them also have to wash each other’s dirty uniforms. Koby does this willingly, because he wants to reach a high rank in the navy. Helmeppo seems less committed, but he only has to wear the clothes because Koby does the washing.


While Zoro starts a fight with Hatchan and Sanji takes on Hatchan, Luffy slowly runs out of air in the water. Johnny and Yosaku as well as the villagers are horrified.

Hatchan starts the fight with his Hokus Octopus. However, Zoro is able to dodge this attack and then cut off part of Hatchan’s hair, which doesn’t bother the fish man too much, since it grows back again.

Meanwhile, Sanji is suddenly attacked by Hatchan because he was momentarily distracted. He threatens him that he will die if he does not concentrate. But the chef is able to dodge his opponent’s attack in time and then counterattack himself.

In the meantime, Luffy has reached the bottom of the water. He still hasn’t lost consciousness, but slowly but surely he’s running out of air.

Meanwhile, above water, Zoro tries to defeat Hatchan with his sword, but the fish-man uses his On Time Play tactics. He clings to the top half of a pillar and calmly asks Zoro why he only uses one sword, since he himself had heard Zoro would fight with the three-sword style. The swordsman replies that this time, one sword would also be enough to defeat Hatchan.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Yosaku want to dive down to Luffy to rescue him from his predicament. However, Genzo stops them, saying that the two of them can’t do anything with their injuries anyway. Instead, he wants to take the task into his own hands. Nojiko wants to help him, but the other villagers have to stay in their current location, otherwise they would cause too much of a stir.

In Arlong Park, Zoro suddenly collapses. Hatchan, still clinging to the pillar, is surprised, since he didn’t actually do anything. And Sanji can’t believe what he sees either. However, the cook quickly realizes that only the wounds from the fight against Hawkeye can be to blame for this. Hatchan sees his chance come, destroys the pillar that is supposed to fall on Zoro afterwards and jumps to the ground. However, the swordsman is able to get up again and catapults his opponent into the pillar. Afterwards, however, he topples over again.

Johnny and Yosaku explain that the wound Zoro received would normally have taken six months to heal properly, but Zoro has been back on his feet in just a few days. Sanji, who was momentarily distracted by this but now understands what’s going on with Zoro, is kicked through the wall of Arlong Park by Hatchan, saying that he had the 40th Dan in Fishman Karate, and is left lying in the street for the time being.

Confident of victory, Hatchan asks what he should do with Zoro now that he has already defeated his opponent. Arlong orders him to be thrown into the water, when suddenly Hatchan reappears. He is armed with six swords, one in each hand. Zoro then rises again as well. He says that he could not die in this place, as he had made a promise to a man that he would meet him again. He then asks Johnny and Yosaku for their swords to teach the fish man a lesson.

Sanji has also gotten up from the street again and is walking back to Arlong Park. He figures if Hatchan had the 40th Dan, the old man should have the 400th. While Genzo and Nojiko dive down to Luffy, Usopp is still on the run from Kiss.

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