One Piece Chapter 083


Koby’s Diary, Part 1 – Afterwards with Koby and Helmeppo
Koby and Helmeppo are sailors. So they have to play “girl for everything.” So they also clean the floor of the naval base on Shells Town. Helmeppo is promptly caught smoking! He is shocked and knocks over the bucket of water.


With his attack, the Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma, Luffy has managed to incapacitate both Moo-Cow and much of Arlong’s gang. Only the four Straw Hats remain, as well as Hatchan, Hatchan, Kiss, and Arlong. To warm up, Hatchan uses his Hokus Octopus attack, which he uses to splatter the Straw Hats with ink. With the exception of Luffy, who got his feet smashed into the concrete floor in his previous attack and now can’t get free, everyone else was able to dodge in time.

Since Luffy is a perfect target, Hatchan throws a piece of a wall at him at the same time, but Sanji cuts it with a kick. While he talks to Hatchan and Hatchan for a moment afterwards, Usopp tries to pull Luffy out of the ground, but to no avail, as this only stretches his captain’s legs. Seeing this, Hatchan tries to throw another boulder at the two of them, but Zoro turns to him in the process. He challenges him to a fight and is then pelted with the boulder.

Usopp is reassured that Zoro wants to take care of the six-armed fish-man, accidentally letting go of Luffy. The latter snaps back, hitting Kiss in the stomach area. The latter, however, is furious with Usopp, thinking the straw-hatted pirate let go of Luffy on purpose.

When Usopp sees the angry face of his opponent, the long-nose runs off in a panic, Kiss following after him. Outside Arlong Park, the fish-man sees the armed villagers. But before he can do anything, he is hit in the face by a fireball. This came from Usopp, who tells the fish-man that he is his opponent. Frightened, the long-nosed man runs away, Kiss following him again.

Meanwhile, Arlong has stood back up and joined the other two fishmen. Luffy goes to punch him, however Arlong holds his hand and rips out the part of the floor where the Straw Hat Captain is standing and throws him into the water. Sanji and Zoro must now defeat their respective opponents as quickly as possible and then get Luffy out of the water.

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