One Piece Chapter 081


The cover shows young Nami and young Nojiko sitting at the dinner table eating noodles with their mother Bell-mère and a dog.


Rat had the 93 million berries transported to his ship and sails away with it, confident of victory and smiling as 30% of the money would be his.

Meanwhile, Nami has gone to see Arlong, who, it seems, has cheated on her. However, the fish-man grabs her and laughingly says that she could just collect the money again. When she would have the 100 million berry together wouldn’t matter, as she could always ransom the village with it. However, he threatens to kill every person in Kokos if she tries to escape the island. Nami tears herself away and runs back to the village, telling the others, who knew what what doing all along, not to do anything wrong now.

Meanwhile, there, all the residents have gathered with sticks as weapons. They have decided to attack Arlong Park because they will not tolerate what Arlong did to Nami. Besides, they no longer want to live under her control. Just as they are about to leave, Nami suddenly appears and tells them to wait. With a put on smile, she tells them that everything would be fine and she could just gather the money together once more. But Genzo takes her in his arms and says that she has done enough for the village. Now the villagers themselves would stand up for their freedom.

Since the villagers want to mess with Arlong and his gang, she pulls out a knife and stands in their way. But Genzo grabs the knife and he and the others walk past her to Arlong Park. Nami sinks to the ground in despair. When she sees the Arlong Pirates tattoo on her upper left arm, she is so enraged that she grabs the knife and jams it into the spot, crying, until suddenly Luffy appears and stops her.

Nami tells him to leave, but he remains unimpressed. Finally, the navigator turns to him, crying, and asks him for help. The Straw Hat Captain then puts his straw hat on her and yells out that he will help her no matter what. Nami is touched, as Luffy has never allowed anyone to touch his hat before. Together with Zoro, Usopp and Sanji, who were already waiting at the edge of the village, he sets off for Arlong Park.

Meanwhile, the villagers have arrived at Arlong. But there, their way is blocked by Johnny and Yosaku. They think they are waiting for a group of people, by which he means Luffy and his crew. When they arrive, Luffy smashes the wall and asks which of the fish people is Arlong.

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