One Piece Chapter 080


Sanji is sitting on a wooden trailer eating berries. On his hat is a bird, to which he throws a berry. In front of him is a zebra smoking and looking angrily at the bird.


East Blue, Conomi: Nojiko finishes her tale of her and Nami’s past. 8 years ago, Nami stopped crying and asking for help so no one else would become Arlong’s victim. At 10 years old, she has decided to continue fighting on her own. Sanji immediately wants to go to Arlong and maul him, but is beaten by Nojiko, who wants to prevent just that. Doing so could destroy everything. Nami especially doesn’t want to accept help from anyone.

Nami had chosen the plantation as a hiding place for her money. When she had the first million together, she was injured in the arm and Nojiko was worried about her. At the time she thought it would take her forever to get the remaining 99 million, but now she only needs 7 million and is confident she can have it together in one trip. Then she can finally laugh again. Luffy is walking through Kokos when he is met by Genzo with Captain Rat and marines. Luffy is amazed at the windmill on Genzo’s head. Nami is standing outside her house when Rat gets there. He pushes Genzo aside, introduces himself, and wants to know if she is the criminal Nami. Nami calmly replies that she is commander of the Arlong Pirates and is under Arlong’s protection. Rat pretends to be clueless. All he knows is that she steals from pirates. And what you steal from criminals belongs to the government, of course. He demands that Nami hand over the loot. Some soldiers start searching and want to enter the house. Nami knocks them out with her stick and tells Rat to take care of the real criminals. Arlong kills people and has enslaved the people of Conomi, there are more important things to do than catch a petty thief. Rat enlightens her that the navy hunts all criminals. He orders his soldiers to dig up the plantation and again Nami knocks them down. Genzo intervenes and tells Rat that Nami will use the money to ransom the village. Turning to Nami, he says they’ve always known. Back when she joined Arlong’s gang, they couldn’t understand her motives and had questioned Nojiko. But since she should always be free to decide her fate, they kept it a secret. They didn’t want to pressure her. Rat gets impatient and doesn’t give a damn about the explanations. Nojiko appears and angrily accuses Rat of not wanting to help them anyway. She tells the soldiers to leave, since Arlong won’t let them get away with it. With a nasty smirk, Rat says that they will see that. He yells at his men that they are not looking for a small amount of money, but 100 million. When Genzo asks how he knows the amount, Rat simply replies to have guessed. Nami gets a light and asks Captain Nezumi if Arlong sent him here. Nojiko also angrily yells at him. Rat is annoyed with her and gives the order to shoot her. Several shots are fired and Nojiko is brought to the village square. She is badly wounded and Nami kneels by her. Luffy sees the villagers gathering around Nojiko and goes over. When he sees Nami, he asks if he can help. However, she reacts angrily to him and tells him to leave the island and stay out of her business. She pushes him aside and runs out of the village to Arlong Park. She enters the park and accuses Arlong of breaking his promise. She shakes him and he grabs her up by the mouth and asks menacingly if he really broke his promise. The fish people laugh out loud while Nami’s tears come.

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