One Piece Chapter 079



Flashback 1505 Anno Maris, Kokos: Bell-mère, Nojiko and Nami have been treated after returning to Kokos badly injured. Bell-mère has decided to adopt the two children. The villagers don’t think Bell-mère will be able to raise them. However, she is not swayed. Later, the two children continue to cause trouble with their naughty behavior. Bell-mère has taught them to never regret their decisions. As long as they are happy, they don’t always have to be good.

Flashback 1514 Anno Maris, Kokos: Bell-mère was killed with a shot to the head by Arlong. Laughing out loud, Arlong says it’s not worth living without money anyway. Hatchan has searched the house and found nautical charts. Nami rushes to him and demands the maps back because they belong to her. Arlong looks at the maps and thinks they are usable. The fish people take Nami with them. Genzo tries to stop them, but again he is stopped by Hatchan, who this time brings down several sword blows on Genzo. Badly hit, Genzo still wants to free Nami, as do the rest of the inhabitants of Kokos. However, they are stopped by the fish people. They stay alive, though, because Arlong needs their money.

Kokos: Dr. Nako has treated Genzo and the other inhabitants. The village’s ships have been destroyed and they can’t expect any help from the navy either. Bell-mère was buried on a cliff and Nojiko is at her grave. She wants to know what to do since Nami has been kidnapped by the fish people. The next day, the villagers have gathered in the village square. They want to fight back, though Genzo notes that probably only the navy headquarters could do something about the gang. However, they don’t want to abandon Nami. When they decided to leave, Nami appears alone in the village. She opens up to the villagers about joining Arlong’s gang. Genzo shakes her, wondering if something has been done to her. Nami tears herself away and in the process, they all see a tattoo of the Arlong gang on her shoulder. She also shows them a wad of money she received. Nojiko pushes Nami to the ground, she won’t allow Nami to become a pirate. Nami yells back that Bell-mère was killed even though she was good. She doesn’t want to be good herself. Genzo tells Nojiko to leave Nami alone and yells at Nami to leave the village. He can’t understand why Nami disowns her foster mother.

Nojiko later goes to Bell-mère’s grave and finds Nami sitting there. Nami tells her how she saw Arlong sink five naval ships. She doesn’t think anyone can help them, so they have to help themselves. She has made a deal with Arlong. For 100 million, she wants to buy the village from him. Even though she has to see her mother’s killer every day, she has decided to laugh when she sees him. She’ll fight alone from now on and won’t cry anymore.


  • Just like Chapter 28, this one stands out for the division of the four color pages it contains, opening with a color page, followed by a two-page color spread, and then another color page following the first. In contrast, in the ninth anthology of the saga, titled Tearsthese were printed in grayscale as usual.
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