One Piece Chapter 078


Usopp sits in front of a wall and paints pictures, including one of Kaya. A platypus sits next to him and a woman walks past the two while Usopp appraises her with his paintbrush.


Flashback 1514 Anno Maris, Kokos: The Arlong gang stands in the village square of Kokos and presents their terms to the villagers. 100,000 for each adult, 50,000 for a child. Those who cannot pay will be killed. Hatchan tells Arlong that they have already collected 25 million. The amount must be paid every month. Nami and Nojiko are hiding at the edge of the village, watching everything. Genzo is glad that the fish people only want money and haven’t discovered Bell-mère’s house because she can never pay 200,000. The Arlong gang is about to leave the village when Pisaro discovers Bell-mère’s house. While searching the village, they also searched for sea maps but found none. The fish people make their way to Bell-mère’s, who has just prepared orange sauce a la Bell-mère. The duck needs another ten minutes, the soup is boiling, and the vegetables, rice, and omelet are already dressed. She wants to round it all off with a bottle of sake.

In the village, Genzo runs to Dr. Nako to join him in finding Nami and Nojiko to stop them from going to Bell-mère’s. Arlong has arrived at Bell-mère’s house and knocks. They are invited in, but when Arlong enters, Nojiko kicks his neck and pushes him to the ground. She holds the barrel of her gun in his mouth, wanting to know what pirates from the Grand Line want in Kokos. Arlong just laughs out loud and then bites the rifle barrel without effort. Nami and Nojiko quickly run to the house to arrive before the fish people and escape with Bell-mère. They can already see the back when they are stopped by Dr. Nako. There is no proof that they are Bell-mère’s children. If they escape the island, they can save Bell-mère’s life. Dr. Nako gives them a choice between life or family. Nami doesn’t want to leave the island just because they are too poor to pay the money.

Arlong stands over Bell-mère and breaks her left arm by stepping on it. Suddenly Genzo appears and wants to make her understand that some problems can only be solved with money. He walks up to her and whisperingly wants to know how much she has. A little over 100,000 she can pay. Hatchan reports Arlong in the house is set for three, but Genzo quickly responds and says he was invited to dinner. Bell-mère is told to pay for herself, Hatchan confirms from the resident list that she is single and lives alone. The gang is already leaving when Bell-mère tells them she is paying 100,000 for her two daughters. She apologizes to Genzo, but she will not disown her own family. The kids have only her. Nami and Nojiko run crying to their mother, who also apologizes to them for not being a very good mother. Neither of them want to be abandoned by her. Arlong stands in front of Bell-mère, but before he can do anything, he is pistol-whipped by Genzo. Hatchan places himself in the line of fire and ends up slashing Genzo across the chest. The villagers come running through the plantation to rescue Bell-mère. Arlong orders them stopped, but left alive. He points a gun at Bell-mère’s head. She tells Nami and Nojiko to love her. Arlong pulls the trigger.

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