One Piece Chapter 076


Luffy has climbed a tree and is mimicking the expression of an owl looking into its face. Two other owls are also sitting on branches of the tree just like Sanji. Below on a stone path are Usopp and Zoro.


East Blue, Conomi: Nami showed up and wants to know what Luffy is talking about. The latter wanted to pick her up, after all they are friends. Nami looks at him disparagingly and says they were never friends, at most a partnership of convenience. Johnny accuses her of only wanting the village of Kokos because there is treasure there. For that, she herself killed Usopp in cold blood. Nami takes the accusation unapologetically, demanding the Straw Hat Pirates leave the island because Arlong is looking for them because of Zoro’s slaughter in Arlong Park and they don’t stand a chance against him. Zoro wants to know where Usopp is, and when Nami replies that he’s swimming, he charges at her. Sanji stops him with a kick, which Zoro manages to dodge, but stops him from attacking Nami because you don’t fight women. Nami tells them to leave since she has no use for them since she stole the money from them. They are told to find another navigator and go find the One Piece. Luffy suddenly lies down on the ground, saying he needs a break since he’s tired. Angrily, Nami yells at him that he can die and leaves the Straw Hats. Johnny and Yosaku also decide to leave them because they don’t want to be killed by Arlong.

Kokos: Usopp is still alive and running through the village. Nami had stabbed the knife into her own hand, saving him. Usopp remembers that Hatchan thought Zoro was in Kokos. He then remembers that Zoro is actually looking for Arlong and quickly runs towards Arlong Park. He hopes Zoro hasn’t caused any trouble yet. Meanwhile, Sanji asks Zoro if he thinks Nami murdered Usopp. Zoro replies that he always knew she was weak in the chest. Sanji misunderstands him and thinks Zoro meant she had too small breasts. He goes to go after Zoro, just at that moment Usopp comes running and gets between the two brawlers. He is hit in the face by Sanji’s kick and pressed against Zoro’s sword scabbard.

Orange Plantation: Nojiko is busy harvesting oranges when she hears noise from the house. She goes to the house and meets Nami sitting at the table. She just wants to rest for a bit. Nojiko sits down with her and wants to know if she’s mad about the boys. Nami tells her about the straw hats and ends up falling asleep at the table.

Luffy has woken up and Usopp reports to the three that something is wrong with Nami and she is in Arlong’s gang for a reason. Nojiko shows up, tells them to leave and not do anything against Arlong. She’ll explain everything to them if they leave the island without any trouble. At the port of Kokos, a naval ship of the 16th unit has docked. Captain Rat demands to see the policeman Genzo. He asks him to take him to the thief Nami.

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