One Piece Chapter 075


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 28: Oh Captain, Our Captain!
Now that Buggy is complete again, with body parts and crew, he kicks down his grave and is ready to take on Luffy once more.


East Blue, Conomi: Moo-cow hit the island with full force and the ship with Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku was thrown into the air and flies over the island. The inhabitants of Kokos heard the impact as well. Moo-cow sinks unconsciously into the sea as the ship begins to fall. Fortunately, they land unharmed, but the ship continues on the ground. Zoro, already in sight of Arlong Park, briefly wonders where the noise came from, but then runs on to save Usopp. Out of the forest, the ship with his comrades suddenly appears next to him and runs him over. The ship finally comes to a stop and is completely destroyed. Zoro advises the three, but immediately wants to move on about Usopp. However, a taken Johnny stops him and tells them Usopp is already dead, murdered by Nami.

West of Kokos: The inhabitants have arrived at the crater caused by Moo-Cow’s impact when a navy ship appears on the horizon. They wonder because the ship looks different, but the navy has several fleets. Chabo comes running up, greets Nojiko, and explains that the survivors from Goza have written to the government and want the ship to pick them up.

Navy Ship: Rear Admiral Pudding Pudding looks at Arlong Park and sees it as a provocation. Although her mission is to rescue the survivors, Pudding Pudding wants to attack Arlong. The latter just learns that the ship belongs to the 77th unit, who are new to this part of the East Blue. He sends one of his men to scout the unit to see how things are going on Conomi. However, the marine fires without warning and the bullet threatens to hit Arlong. He just snaps his mouth open, and bites the oncoming bullet. Arlong declares the negotiation off, his men already about to attack when the commanders stop them. They’re perfectly adequate for a naval ship. Hatchan, Kiss, and Hatchan head out. On the naval ship, they wonder why the first bullet didn’t explode and prepare a second one. Just before the cannon is to be fired, Kiss shoots out of the water and hits the gunner with a spitted water bullet. Pudding holds back his angry soldiers and enlightens Kiss that they are an elite unit. The fish people are to surrender without resistance. Without letting him finish, Kiss shoots him with water. The soldiers seek to avenge their captain, but the ship begins to rock. Blackbelt has broken the rudder and Hatchan pushes a large rock into a current underwater. This creates a whirlpool right under the ship and the soldiers can no longer maneuver the ship. They are pulled down and capsize.

Nojiko comforts Chabo, they must face the bitter truth that no one will escape Arlong. In Arlong Park, the three commanders have returned. Through Nami’s nautical charts, they knew the wind direction and the deep places. Together with their fish power, they were able to sink the ship easily. Arlong repeats his promise to release Nami if she gives him 100 million. Meanwhile, Luffy is pissed off because Johnny claimed Nami killed Usopp. He doesn’t believe Nami betrayed him. The latter suddenly stands in front of the group and wants to know from Luffy who is a friend.

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