One Piece Chapter 074


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 27: Parade!
Mohji and Cabaji are now united with Buggy and Alvida to fight the remaining Kumate.


East Blue, Arlong Park: Arlong holds a knife to Usopp’s throat and tells him that there’s 20 million on his head, so it’s no surprise that Roronoa Zoro is after him. He wants Usopp to tell him where Zoro is. Usopp feigns ignorance and denies knowing any Zoro. Kiss sees through the lie and advises him to tell the truth, since he won’t get out of this alive anyway. Usopp decides to pass Zoro off as his big brother who will kill everyone if anything happens to him. Arlong takes it literally and wants to stab Usopp so Zoro will show up. Completely terrified, Usopp objects that Zoro will only come if nothing happens to him. Hatchan wants to know from Nami why she’s so pale. He knows her too well to trust her. Nami gets annoyed with Usopp, who stands in the way of her plan to ransom the village. The latter yells at her for being disappointed in her. Luffy trusts her even though she ran away and she continues to betray him. Nami doesn’t care, money is the only thing that matters to her.

Hatchan emerges from the water, greets Arlong, and notices the slaughtered fish people. Arlong enlightens him that this is Zoro’s doing, and Hatchan realizes that the strange guest he brought to Kokos must have been Zoro. Arlong wants to forgo searching, after all Zoro is looking for him. Nami sees her plan in jeopardy and uses her stick to knock Usopp to the ground. She tells him it’s his own fault for messing with Arlong. If they had stayed out of it, no one would have gotten hurt. But now she wants to kill Usopp. The latter sees a way to escape and shoots a smoke bomb at the fish people. Hidden by the smoke, he wants to get into the water unnoticed and escape, but Nami has seen through his plan and prevents Usopp’s escape with a punch to the face. She pulls out a knife and stabs it into Usopp’s stomach. Motionless, he falls to the ground and is kicked into the water by Nami. Johnny, who has been watching the scene unnoticed, cannot believe what Nami has done.

Hatchan apologizes to Nami for not trusting her, but Nami chokes him off. She doesn’t care about the gang, she just wants to collect 100 million berries to buy the village of Kokos from Arlong. Hatchan accuses her of betraying both the village and her mother, and shows a map from Nami’s room. On it is the island, and right on Kokos is a cross. Hatchan suspects there is treasure that Nami is after. Arlong demands to give Nami the map back. She grabs the map from Hatchan and reminds Arlong, who promises to kill himself rather than break his word, of the deal. Johnny decides to tell Zoro everything.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku, pulled by Moo-cow, have reached the island and see Arlong Park. However, Moo-cow swims too far to the right and heads for the shore. Zoro hears loud noise as he runs back to Arlong Park.

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