One Piece Chapter 068


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 23: Suspicious Parts.
The Kumate discover Buggy’s limbs and unleash them, having no idea what they have.


East Blue, Baratié: Luffy refuses Zeff’s request to add Sanji to his crew. This is met with incomprehension from the cooks, as he will not find a better cook for his crew. Luffy is aware of this and would also like to take Sanji, but until he wants to himself, there is nothing he can do. Sanji must want to join the Straw Hat Pirates on his own. Zeff doubts Sanji will make that request, given his stubbornness. Sitting outside the door to the canteen, the latter is smoking when a fish swims very fast towards the baratié and someone screams loudly for help. The fish jumps out of the water, hits Sanji, and they are both thrown into the canteen. Yosaku is stuck with half his body in the fish’s mouth. When he is finally freed, he tells Luffy that Nami got away from them, but they know where she went. A big problem has arisen in the process, but Yosaku urges haste, saying he’ll explain everything to Luffy later. He doesn’t understand the rush, but wants to leave immediately. Sanji interrupts him, Luffy’s goal is to become Pirate King and he himself wants to find the Allblue, they could achieve their goals together. Sanji offers Luffy to be a Cook on his ship. Enthusiastically, Luffy accepts him into his crew.

Patty is annoyed that he couldn’t chase Sanji out like he had planned. But Sanji, who had heard everything about the spectacle with the soup, apologizes that they had to deceive him. Zeff, with a smile, regrets saving Sanji then and is glad to be rid of him now. They prepare a no ship belonging to Sanji and Luffy gets provisions from the cooks, especially meat. Zeff lies on the bed in his room and remembers how he and Sanji built the baratié. They wanted to give food to anyone in need at sea, whether pirates or marines. For the baratié, Zeff had to spend all the gold. Sanji also remembers the beginnings. He started smoking because he thought it made him an adult. Later, Patty and Carne hired on. At the Baratié, the fights began. Sanji got a beating from Zeff for his cooking and patrons got beaten by Sanji for making fun of Zeff. Pirates came to loot supplies but were defeated by the cooks.

The ship is ready, Luffy and Yosaku are waiting for Sanji, as are the cooks standing on the broken fin of the Baratié. Sanji comes out of the restaurant and from behind Patty and Carne want to knock him down, but are themselves beaten up by Sanji. Without a word of goodbye, Sanji enters the ship as Zeff wishes him well from the balcony. Tears come to Sanji’s eyes, and he turns and kneels to thank Zeff for all he has done for him. Tears also come to Patty and Carne and they say goodbye to Sanji, who they will miss. Everyone says their goodbyes and the ship departs.

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