One Piece Chapter 067


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 22: Richie Au Vin (Richie Crew Red Wine Stew).
Meanwhile, Richie and his crew are stuck in a giant cooking pot. They are being cooked with red wine, because the Kumate are cannibals.


East Blue, Baratié: Patty and Carne want to stop Gin, who is carrying the unconscious Creek, from just leaving because the poison is still in his blood and he should rest. Gin asks Sanji to tell Luffy when he wakes up that they will meet again on the Grand Line. Gin wants to stay a pirate, he served under Creek for too long, it shaped him. Suddenly he spits up a lot of blood, but stops. Gin is now sure of what he wants for himself and he will see it through as long as he can. So far he has served Creek because he knew nothing else, but when you have a plan you need not fear the strength of the enemy. Luffy has shown him that. Sanji orders Patty and Carne to give Gin the shopping ship. Though the two protest, they follow the order as Sanji yells loudly at them.

Some time later, Luffy wakes up. He immediately notices the absence of his hat, but it is next to him, as Sanji tells him. He tells Luffy about Gin’s departure. Gin thinks tactics and self-doubt are ridiculous, looking at how Luffy fights. The shopping ship is fully loaded with Creek’s remaining crew. Gin says goodbye. Sanji tells of Gin’s announcement to meet again on the Grand Line. Luffy is happy to no longer have to work at the Baratié, having fulfilled the promise he made to Zeff. He asks Sanji if he would like to come along. However, he wants to continue cooking as a Cook at the Baratié until Zeff admits that he is the better cook. They stand at the railing, and Sanji thinks he’ll eventually sail the Grand Line to find the Allblue, too. He enthusiastically tells the unsuspecting Luffy about the fabled ocean. Unnoticed, she watches Zeff and notices Sanji coming out of his shell as he talks about the Allblue.

Baratié, canteen: The cooks sit down to eat. Patty and Carne have cooked and Sanji and Luffy also enter the canteen. They want to sit down, but are not given chairs. If they want to eat, they are told to sit on the floor. Patty stands up and wants to know who cooked the soup. Pleased with the demand, Sanji comes forward. Patty throws the plate of soup on the floor and calls it pig slop. Furious, Sanji stands up and blames Patty’s taste. The other cooks also call the soup inedible, accusing Sanji of only being a head cook for working at the baratié for so long. Zeff also throws his plate of soup on the floor. You couldn’t put soup like that in front of a guest. Sanji grabs Zeff by the shoulders and yells at him to make the soup just like him. With a punch, Zeff knocks Sanji to the ground and reprimands him not to compare himself to him because he, Zeff, has cooked on all the seas of the world. Sanji storms out of the canteen and Luffy, who has been watching the whole thing, doesn’t understand the commotion because he really likes the soup. The cooks explain to him that they think the soup is good too and they all know Sanji is a good cook, but he is just as stubborn. The Grand Line is his big dream and Zeff wanted everyone to pretend that the soup doesn’t taste good. Zeff asks Luffy if he can’t take Sanji with him.

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