One Piece Chapter 066


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 21: Reunion – “Sonna Banana” (~”sonna baka na” = “Impossible”)
Buggy initially only finds Mohji and Cabaji on the island, who are still knocked out.


East Blue, Baratié, Luffy vs Don Krieg: Creek’s armor is broken and badly taken he falls down. His crew is shocked while the chefs rejoice as Creek throws a steel net at Luffy in the fall, reinforced with weights at the ends. He wants to throw him into the ocean because, as a devil power user, he’s a non-swimmer. Luffy puts his hands and feet through the mesh of the net and spins his legs like a spiral while simultaneously stretching them towards Creek. With his feet, he encircles the latter’s face. Sanji doesn’t understand why Luffy doesn’t doubt himself a little. Zeff explains to him that Luffy just keeps fighting. Creek yells at his men to cover him, who immediately start firing crossbows at Luffy. Before they can fire, however, Sanji kicks two of them unconscious, stands on their heads, and warns the others not to shoot.

Luffy makes the spiral come up in his legs, causing Creek to rotate very quickly. At the same time, Luffy aims for the extended platform and smashes Creek’s head onto the wooden planks with the Gomu Gomu no Ozuchi. Defeated, Creek remains lying and a grinning Luffy falls through the net, trapped, into the sea. Zeff calls it courage and determination that Creek’s weapons and poison gas didn’t stop Luffy. He tells Sanji he knows someone who should also follow his will, and still points out to him that Luffy can’t swim. Immediately, Sanji jumps into the sea to save him.

Gin is sitting on the baratié, Patty and Carne are with him. He is stunned by the defeat of Don Krieg, whom he admires. Despite the poison in his body, he gets up and leaves. Meanwhile, Sanji was able to save Luffy. He once again recalls the battles of Luffy and Zoro, both convinced of their strength to impose their will. On the ship, Creek is up again, yelling that he is the strongest and everyone must obey his orders. However, a punch to the gut from Gin sends him to the ground once again. Gin shoulders Creek and says goodbye to Sanji.


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