One Piece Chapter 063


Adventures of the Richie Gang, Part 2 – Pulverization of Richie’s Crew.
Richie and his pirates are very quickly defeated by the Kumate.


Creek makes fun of Sanji and Luffy’s attitude. Everyone is very appalled at Creek’s behavior, whether cook or pirate. Sanji asks Patty to get an antidote for Gin. Zeff has a better idea though, they should put the mask on him since it already has an antidote in it. Luffy points out to Gin that he shouldn’t die at the hands of such an idiot and he’ll take care of him now. Sanji tries to stop him first, but can’t do anything because of his situation.

Luffy charges in to attack. Creek, of course, does the same thing as always, shooting first smoke bombs and then his arrows. This time Luffy gets hit a lot too, but doesn’t let it bother him and just keeps charging at him.

Luffy gets ready for his gum-gum gun, but Creek is armed and knocks over his thorn armor. Luffy isn’t impressed by this thing though, and pulls out his attack in full, leaving Creek spitting blood.

Luffy pulls the last arrows from his body, lecturing Creek in the process that it will not be his grave, but Creek’s.

Jeff advises Sanji to watch carefully, because he could still learn something from the boy. After all, Luffy has the will of a true fighter who doesn’t care if he dies or not. The main thing is that he did his best.

Gin is about to pass from this world, while Patty and Carne argue about her cooking skills.

Creek regains consciousness, flings Luffy away with his shield and tries to explain to him that it will be him who will kill him. He then gets a kick from Luffy, who corrects him.

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