One Piece Chapter 062


  • Adventures of the Richie Gang, Part 1 – The Kumate Native Tribe of the Island.
    Richie’s gang meets the Kumate.


Creek explains that he is very disappointed in Gin. However, Gin tells him he never questioned an order and did everything he was told, but he just can’t do it now and asks if Creek couldn’t leave the ship and crew alone this one time.

Everyone is completely shocked by Gin, especially Creek, who then unleashes his secret weapon, the MH-5 gas. Everyone puts on the gas masks, but Creek orders Gin not to put them on, as he is no longer part of his gang, which outrages the rest of the crew, who speculate whether Creek really wants to kill him.

Luffy charges at Creek to stop him from using the gas, is attacked by the arrows again, but dodges them, knowing the trick after all. Since that doesn’t work, Creek decides to knock out the mast without further ado, so Luffy has to rush back.

Luffy tells Gin not to be afraid and that he will smash Creek. Gin, however, is not fond of the idea and orders Luffy to leave Creek alone. He immediately earns a lecture from Sanji, which he refutes by saying that he is a no-good weak pirate who abandons his crew. He then throws away his mask.

Creek fires the gas bomb. Luffy quickly grabs two masks from Creek’s men and throws them to Sanji. When he looks back into the water, the others are gone and he is totally shocked, he needs a mask after all. After a brief moment of panic, however, he finds one right next to him.

After five minutes, the gas pulls away. You can see Gin holding a mask to Sanji’s face, but he doesn’t have one on, so he collapses with a lot of blood loss. Luffy realizes as he does so that the mask he had should have been Gin’s. Creek says something stupid again, and Luffy finally gets fed up with him.

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