One Piece Chapter 061


  • Color Spread: Nami, Zoro, Usopp, and Luffy have fun on a land of giant octopuses, with Nami actually just sleeping.


Sanji is pushed to the ground by Gin. Just as Gin is about to slay him, Sanji spins out of the “noose” with a deft handstand and in the same movement gives him a chinlock with his foot. In his backward movement, however, he also gets one of Gin’s Tonfa.

Briefly Creek’s people are worried about Gin, but are brought back down to earth by Creek.

Sanji, meanwhile, makes fun of Creek’s gang, saying that they really can’t be very strong if such a weakling is already commander of the 1st Division.

Luffy rushes over to Creek just as he looks away, but this was a trap. He snaps his finger and suddenly the flagpole explodes. Next, he uses his shield as a sort of machine gun and shoots arrows at Luffy with it. While fleeing, Luffy is hit by one in the leg and fortunately still falls onto a floating piece of wood.

Luffy complains if Creek can’t fight properly. However, he doesn’t care what Luffy thinks, because in the end, all that matters is who is the winner and who is the loser.

A hoot from the pirates makes Luffy and Creek’s attention switch to the other action, noting that Sanji is lying on the ground breathing heavily and lolling in pain. The cooks, however, are rather less amused by this than the pirates. Sanji, however, is also relatively unimpressed, at least he pretends to be, as from his thought processes he doesn’t rate his chances too highly.

Gin comes running at him, but Sanji handstands him again and then gives him a nice kick in the neck. The pirates are shocked. But suddenly Sanji collapses spitting blood as he can’t withstand his own kicking force due to his broken ribs.

Now Gin takes Sanji crying in a chokehold, everyone thinks it’s all over for the cook now, but then he suddenly yells that he can’t kill him, which everyone is very puzzled about. Especially Creek, who doesn’t understand that his best man resists him, goes on a big attack about it.


  • This chapter originally had a third color page next to the Color Spread in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and 2nd Log.
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